Introduction: Turn a Towel Into a Chicken

Years ago I was raised in the ancient art of towel folding.  Now many years later the fog of time has taken much of this art from my memorries.  All that is left is.... a chicken.

Step 1: You Will Need

1) a tea towel layed out flat

Step 2: Rolling

1) starting on the shorter side of the tea towel roll one side to the middle

2) repeat this with the other side

Step 3: The Flip

flip the towel over so that the seam is facing down, now fold your would be chicken in half. - it helps to make a "HIYA!" sound when you fold.

Step 4: Pulling

Carefully pick up your tea towel and look at the ends, it should look a bit like this.  

Now reach into one of the spirals and pull the end out untill it looks like picture 2

Repeat this with each spiral till you get something like picture 3

Step 5: Pinch and Seperate

Now comes the tricky part. Pinch the ends together in sets of two, make sure the sets are from the same side of the seam. Sorry i realise the picture only shows me holding one, but how was I suppose to hold the camera I ask!

In an arching motion pull the ends down and away from each other until you get....

Step 6: A Chicken!


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