Introduction: Usb Storage Box

the materials what i used are as follows, others can be used alternativley

a small plank of mahogony board 5mm thick
pva glue
2 nails 2.5mm in diameter

the tools i used are as follows (i just used what i had at my disposal)

coping saw
junior hack saw
modlers vice
sand paper
a hand drill with pilot hole drill bit and a 2.6mm drill bit
set squar
a small G clamp

just as a note, i havent got all the suplies in the picture, it is more of general toold and suplies

Step 1: Making the Box Sections

first of all i took my piece of wood, then i marked out the exact pieces i needed to make the box with my ruler, pencul and set square, in this planing make sure to leave room for cutting as the blade will take up some of the space.

then cut the pieces acordingley

and then sand the sides of the pieces untill smooth and of accurate size.

in this section you can choose the type of joint you want to use for the box, i used a but joint, this is a weak joint, but you can youse whatever joint u desier depenting on what u want to do and how much time you have.

Step 2: Glueing the Box Together

i got all the pieces of the box together exept for the lid piece

and assembeled them before glueing to double check they were corectley sized.

i then glued the pieces together to form the bog with the but joints. i secured the box in my vice and also with a G clamp untill the box is set.

PVA glue takes 8 hours to set but it is dry to toutch in 2 hours and stiff to work within 6 hours, but that is my guideline as i dident use a watered down mix.

Step 3: Making the Lid Mechanism

i started off by drilling a pilot hole into the sides of the lid and into the place where the lid is going to be secured to the main body of the box, then i went through the hole with the larger drill piece.

i sanded a curvature into the lid to allow movement in i.

then i cut of the ends of 2 nails with the junior hack saw, these pieces will fit into the holes on the box and through the lid section and this has formed a lid and has fulley secured it to the box itself as they cant be taken out easley.

if you wanted you could hide these pieces of metal by using the saw dust mixed with pva and placed over the nail and it should act as a filler to hide them.

Step 4: Finished

now you can stain your wood, engrave an image or name onto it

but mainley it is ready for storing your USB memory stickes insyd it away from plain sight

this is a greate litle storage box that could be used to gift a usb in

now be creative with my idea and make ur own  =D
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