Using the Oreo, the Mischevious Way

Introduction: Using the Oreo, the Mischevious Way

About: Sorry about the oreo racecar joke/comment. It was uncalled for.

oh yes we all love to eat it but it might be might be more fun to do a prank with it.

Step 1: All You Will Need Is ......

as the title said all you will need is.....

a victims car (they have to have a sense of humor)

Step 2: The Prank

take the oreos and pull a back off them keep the side with the frosting
take the modified oreos and stick them on the car they should stick and they should look some thing like the picture

this will work on anything smooth like windows
once we got mini oreos and oreod someones phone

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    8 years ago

    hey bionicleboy this is 357magnum I had to make a new account please follow

    Here's another fun Oreo trick.

    Take an oreo and carefully remove the back. With a knife. dig out almost all of the "stuf", leaving just a thin ring of white around the outside. Fill the cavity you just created with something that shouldn't be there, like mustard or Cheez Whiz. Wasabi could be epic. Replace the back, leave the nastified Oreo where someone will find it, and wait for the hilarity to ensue.
    It works especially well if you have a friend who likes to snatch food off of your plate (which is how this trick came about), but you could also just leave one in the bag or on a plate.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    cool also why oreos why not brusslesprputs you know cover someones windsheild with crazy glue and throw brusslesprouts at the windsheild?????????????????? Also wouldnt cleaning them off get a little too yumy???????????????????????????????

    pie R []ed
    pie R []ed

    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    the crazy glue would be a pain to get off. Could damage the windsheild if it has a tint (the glue not the snacks). Also would you actually eat the dirt covered one sided oreos?