Introduction: Wooden Beer Crate

I made this beer crate with some whitewood i took from a pallet.
The size is 44cm x 26cm x 26cm.

Step 1: Hammering

The planks are 1,5 cm thick
The sizes of the planks are.
4 of 44x11
2 of 41x11
4 of 26x5
4 of 23x11
I used some old rusty nails to hammer it together and drove the nails a bit into the wood.

Step 2: Sanding and Beating

I've pushed it over a concrete floor ,beat up the corners with a hammer, made some worm holes with a nail and did some sanding.

Step 3: Aging the Wood

 It's best to wear rubber gloves and eye protection
Tear up some steel wool and put it in a jar.
Pour household vinegar over it , enough to fully cover the steel wool.
Wait 24 hours or longer.
I experimented with the use of tea before applying the vinegar steel wool solution.
And some washing soda water solution for bleaching.
But i only used the vinegar steel wool which stood for three days before i used it.
I put on the solution with a paint brush and immediately wiped it with a rag.

Step 4: Some More Sanding

Did some more sanding after the crate had dried.

Step 5: Put Some Text on It

I used some transfer paper for t-shirts to get the text on the wood.
Look here for more details on printing on wood.
I put on a beer brand ,but you could also put something else on.
Or in a different color.
When the text had dried i sanded it a bit.
I couldn't get of all the wax.