Introduction: Zombie Surivial Kit

This is a simple kit for the Armageddon to come. I personally made this kit based on the zombie survival guide's requirements.
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Step 1: FOOD

This is a must for anytime if your traveling or have a temporary barricade.

the best foods to pack are non-perishables and make sure that the zombies didnt touch your food
that means the food is contaminated and should not be eaten.

Step 2: RADIO

preferably i would use a weather radio that has a crank-up powerd dynamo.
never get one that is wall plug or battery powerd , only crank-up dynamo's will be sufficent.


Now this chapter is entirely up to you , the book says the rifle ,but some say the shotgun is the best in the world. The machine gun is almost the worst gun to pick because it's lack of headshots and the fact it sucks in ammo like a vacuum cleaner.
the shotgun is entirely different case , its shells are heavy when your carrying hundreds of those , but its head splattering capacity is unbeatable , so its good when the time comes.
semi automatic rifle (ex. mauser 98k , or any good old 7mm) are the best for range, accuracy, kill ratio,and head-splattering action. The pistol is should and only be used as a back-up weapon, theirs multiple reasons ,like the fact its hard to aim,low magizine capacity and the fact it sucks at range, makes the pistol as crappity as crap gets.


of coarse its good to have something to cover your butt when a zombie tries to bite you, the crowbar is a good weapon (don't flame gary's mod) but bladed weapons are preferred above all weapons the best zombie-shanker is the trench spike used in world war 1, it was designed to pierce thru steel helmets (you get the picture) but their almost the hardest to find actual "battle-hardened" no I'm not talking about stainless steel (stainless steel sucks at everything except being a "display" item) I'm talking about real steel ( or Titanium which is harder to find good trench spikes alone, makes it harder.) I recommend you trie to make your own, or trie to find a local blacksmith.
regular combat knives are nice to get , about 7-8 inches would be ideal , but regular fold-up ,or even basilong knives are better then nothing!


Okay theirs certain locations to fall out like a water tower or a 2-story house. i recommend a isolated place like a oil rig or a artificial island
1#destroy stairs
2#stock and catalog inventory
3#wear earplugs (to stop insanity ,it will be valuable asset)
4#train in everything that you know
5#Dont be a fool
6#dont act violently (save it on the head humpers)
7#use your head, cut off theirs!
8#stay out of noise-makeing machines cough cars cough
9# stay entertained (not like killing is fun, just take a break of it)
10# This is important stay out of buses,cars and semis enough zombies could push those around or clog the tires with flesh, which would be a beacon for zombies

this is all you need to know about defending and staying in a specific location for extended periods of time.

Step 6: Vehicles

off the start, use reusable or self generated energy, so you can use less gas (petroleum jelly is loud, not reusable and is hard to find in a world devastation, perfect zombie beacon)
For vehicles i recommend the helium-powered-good-old-airship like the Hindaberg or those annoying advertisement airships that people say look "gay" but that "gay" thing in the sky is going to save your butt so many ways. Never use gas-operated vehicles ,their existence is a nuisance to human kind because they "help" us move around, personally , carry your own fat blubber around, your killing the planet.


The stuff in here can be a life-saver, do not ignore this section, it will save your zombie-bitten butt.
1#flashlight(preferably LED light or crank-up)
4# first-aid-kit
6#books (stay entertained)
8#fire starters (flint is okay)
9# extra clothes( only because you do not want to go to a chick and say "oh this? i was killing zombie %& with this!"


okay i hope you have a good zombie brain-splattering time with the horde.
i am new so if i cant do something, teach me
if you get mad ,well thats your problem.