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In this sewing class, I'll teach you all the basics of hand sewing.

Even if you sew primarily on a machine, being able to sew well by hand will allow you to finish every project you make in the cleanest, most professional looking way. Hand sewing is also the best way to mend and do repairs, which is fantastic if you're like me and always putting holes in your clothes. :D

By following along with this class, you'll learn a variety of stitches and techniques through two projects: handsewn felt coasters and a custom gadget case.

With the skills you learn in this class, you can enter the Sewn By Hand Challenge!

About the Teacher

Jessy Ratfink is a modern embroidery artist, sewist, crafter and cook. She published her first instructable nearly 10 years ago and now has over 500 instructables under her belt! She currently works for the Instructables Design Studio making awesome things full time. In her down time, she makes hand embroidered art for her Etsy shop, making jiggy.

To see what she's currently working on, visit her @makingjiggy Instagram page!


Lesson 1: Introduction to Hand Sewing

Learn about the projects we'll be making in the class! I've also included a sewing dictionary for you to brush up on your sewing vocabulary.

Lesson 2: Tools and Materials for Hand Sewing

This lesson is solely about the tools and materials we'll use in this class.

Lesson 3: Felt Coasters: Introduction and Materials

Download your coaster patterns and learn how to select and cut felt.

Lesson 4: Threading Needles and Knotting Thread

Learn the best ever hand sewing knot and a few ways to thread a needle.

Lesson 5: Tying Off to Finish Sewing

Learn how to tie off like a pro, no matter what you're sewing.

Lesson 6: Sewing Running Stitch Coasters

In this lesson, you'll learn how to sew a running stitch and stitch your first coaster.

Lesson 7: Sewing Blanket Stitch Coasters

Learn all about sewing the blanket stitch and sew up some blanket stitch coasters.

Lesson 8: Sewing Whip Stitch Coasters

Learn how to sew a whip stitch and sew a whip stitched coaster.

Lesson 9: Custom Gadget Case: Introduction, Materials, and Making Your Pattern

In this lesson, I'll give you a list of supples and materials and show you how to make a pattern for your custom gadget case.

Lesson 10: Pressing, Cutting and Pinning

Learn the proper ways to press, cut and pin your fabric.

Lesson 11: Handsewing the Case Using the Backstitch

In this lesson, you'll learn all about the backstitch and begin to sew your case.

Lesson 12: Press and Finish Your Seams

Learn how to press your finished case and trim your seam allowances to increase durability and reduce bulk.

Lesson 13: Sewing the Top of the Case

In this lesson, I'll show you how to insert the elastic loop and finish sewing the top of your case.

Lesson 14: Finishing the Case With a Slip Stitch

Learn how to turn your case right side out and sew the opening closed with a slip stitch.

Lesson 15: Sewing on a Button + Class Conclusion

In our last project lesson, I'll show you how to sew on a button and finish your case!

Lesson 16: What to Sew Next

In this lesson, I'll give you ideas for what to sew next! I've also included some of my favorite sewing resources outside of Instructables. :)