With Christmas approaching, we will be seeing a whole lot of holiday themed projects. So I thought that we could add some of those to an advent calendar! The Idea is that 24 people will sign up to make a Holiday themed project, make an ible' about it, and then publish it on their day. So if you want in or just need some more details, post a comment below!

1. Robot Lover
2. PhilB
3. msraynsford
4. scraptopower
5. jessyratfink
6. sunshiine
7. spike3579
8. Kiteman
9. canucksgirl
10. monsterlego
11. Very Interesting
12. domestic_engineer
13. SHIFT!
14. fjordcarver
15. astroboy907
16. ChrysN
17. jen7714
18. scoochmaroo
19. depotdevoid
20. mischka
21. sailormoon22491
22. mikeasaurus
23. blinkyblinky
24. Goodhart

When it comes time to post your instructable, put the link in the comments and I will add it into this guide.

All of these instructables will be judged and the winner will receive a 1 year pro membership and a patch!

NOTE: this is not an instructables sponsored event (as of yet).

Thanks to Shelby (my brother) for helping me make the picture.

I would just like to say thanks to everyone who participated. This was really fun and we will definitely do this next year! With that said, here are the finalists.

fjordcarver's Animatronic Talking Christmas Tree - Part 1

jessyratfink's Fabric Christmas Tree

scoochmaroo's How to Wrap a Present (using only 3 pieces of tape!)

THE WINNER IS fjordcarver and his Animatronic Christmas Tree!