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heybob4 years ago
In reference to an application for your submission of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters: the Biefeld-Brown Effect device, I have a pet adaptation that I tried unsuccessfully to implement on a science toy that my dad bought for me a long time ago. It consisted of a lightbulb shaped glass with a stud coming up into the bulb portion and a wire cross balanced on a needle point bearing. At the end of each arm of the crossed wires was a vertically oriented surface having one side the purest white and the other the blackest black.

When placed into direct sunlight the white side would reflect the light, while the dark side would absorb it, and the whole device would spin.

I always thought that if I could get this device to work while supporting a "MASK" which would alternately allow and prevent the driving sunlight to shine through onto solar batteries, that I could have it generate pulsating dc.

I thought that there may be an application for the pulses, beyond just the electricity which would be generated by merely shining light onto the battery. I haven't thought of that for years,but your instructable reminded me.

Don't know if this helps you any, But for what it's worth, it brought back a pretty good memory for me. Thank you.