Introduction: [Collegiate Desserts] Handmade Whipped Cream

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If you're like me... You can't enjoy the pumpkin pie you just made without whipped cream. And nothing beats homemade whipped cream (perhaps we can make an exception for sex -- maybe, it's up for debate).

Here's my method for one serving of homemade whipped cream by hand and by power tool ;)

Sorry the pictures are not as nice as my previous food related posts -- I didn't setup any lighting, I was in a rush to satisfy my pumpkin pie craving and I ran out of pumpkin beer awhile ago :P

Step 1: Ingredients

Heavy whipping cream
vanilla extract (a few drops) or real vanilla
Spoonful of sugar

You're also going to need a tall cup and a whisk that fits inside.

Step 2: Prepare

Pour a small amount of whipping cream into a tall cup. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and a spoonful of sugar.

Next comes the tedious, but worth it, task of whipping. Hold the whisk between the palms of your hand and whip away. Keep whipping until it becomes frothy - then whip some more. You can stop when peaks start to form when you remove your whisk and the cream holds its form.

The idea is to add air bubbles... Small ones. Eventually, you get an air bubble structure capable of supporting itself. If you keep whipping, the structure will become too dense to support itself and it will collapse into dense solids... Also known as butter ;)

Step 3: Upgrade!

Got a power drill?

Attach a fork or whisk on the end ;) This will save you some time ;)

Of course, if you're making a larger batch and you have a beater/mixer -- go ahead an use that. I suspect a blender would work well too.

Step 4: Uses

Use where you'd normally use whipped cream.... except this whipped cream won't fall apart like it's canned counterpart.

The only problem is... once you're hooked on the homemade variety of whipped cream -- nothing will ever compare ;)