Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Pretner's Mom (Toad in the Hole? Egg in a Blanket? Egg in Toast?)

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For awhile, I did a Saturday morning breakfast every weekend for friends. The menu started to get a bit expansive. Pancakes, Waffles, Bacon, Eggs, Bacon in Eggs, Toast, Eggs in Toast, Sausage and any combination thereof and I think I had chipped ham once :P

Here's a delicious meal, snack, whatever, that you eat with your hands :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Medium to Large Eggs

Very short list :) 1 Egg per slice of bread and you may season it however you'd like.

Things that are tasty to add to your egg:
Diced Onion
Diced Pepper
Crumbled Bacon
A sharp cheese - shredded

Things that are tasty to put on top:
Cream Cheese
Whipped Cream
Fresh sliced Fruit Cured in Sugar*

*May not be so hand friendly

Step 2: Prep and Cook

Again, I'll be using my grill/griddle/panini machine. But you can use a pan or griddle ;)

Cut out a rather large hole in your bread - large enough to fit slightly more than the volume of one egg. Crack an egg into a small bowl and prepare as you like (I'm doing scrambled). Add any seasonings/extras at this time.

Use butter or a cooking spray and lube your cooking surface(s) which have been preheated to a medium to medium-high heat. I use the bread holes to ensure my butter is spread evenly. Place one slice of holy bread and pour the contents of one egg inside. If using a panini machine, allow 10 seconds or so to help prevent/slow down leaking eggs under pressure.

Slowly lower the griddle lid (if applicable) and cook.

With panini machine: 3-4 minutes (to desired egg doneness) -- your egg may push the cover up slightly
Pan: 3 minutes or so on first side -- flip quickly (unless sunny side) and cook an additional minute to preferred doneness.

With a panini machine, it is very likely that you're egg will "pop" and spew out egg as mine did. This is normal as cooking from both sides prevents a way to relieve internal pressure (thus the egg puffs up and pops). This is just the egg telling you that if you like your eggs runny, it's just about done ;)

Step 3: Serving Suggestions

I love this with cream cheese spread on top. This particular cream cheese has honey and nuts... very tasty. This also makes an excellent side with pancakes.