Introduction: Сhildren's Party With Tatty Teddy Bear (Me to You)

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Hello everyone =)

This is the first time I've been writing such a complex and intensive instructables. Besides, English is not native for me (I live in Siberia), and in some places there may be difficulties with translation and understanding. But I tried to make the most detailed photo report, I hope it will help answer the questions that have appeared. If you have seen errors or typos somewhere, please write me, I will correct everything. Thanks

In this master class, I tried to think through all the nuances that you may need in the manufacture of something from here.

I print everything in the typography, so it’s convenient for me to use a large format - A3. We use the plotter Silhouette Cameo. It has his own program for cutting. But we cut directly from the program "Adobe Illustrator" or "Corel Draw", using a certain additional plug-in. It is paid, but not very expensive (around $ 15) and is incredibly easy to use, besides, it does not expire, it is unlimited in time. For those who do not have a plotter or the "Adobe Illustrator" program, I prepared all the files with outlines in the PDF format. They can be printed and cut manually with scissors. You will not need any other complex equipment, only a glue gun (but it is also optional, you can replace it with another good glue).

I apologize for the text that may be too long and full of details, I tried to describe everything as accessible as possible to make any thing for such a party would be easy!

I would really like as many people as possible to try, without fear of damaging the materials, all this is actually much simpler than it looks, do not be afraid and try it!

If you have any questions and difficulties, please write me, please, I will definitely try to help you :)

Step 1: Plan

Preparing for the holiday that we invented takes a lot of time and effort, therefore, in order not to forget anything, we need a plan.

I did it in the mind-map program "Coggle", but you can use any other application or simply write by hand.

How to write this mind-map?

In the center I wrote the name of the holiday, and from it I placed branches with those elements that need to be done. For each element, I indicated that it is to be done with it, so clearly the same type of actions can be seen and it is easier not to forget anything. For example, "tablecloth - wash, stroke", "stool - sanding, dyeing."

So our plan includes:

1. vertical garland props for photo shoots

3. bonbonnieres for guests

4. chocolates

5. stool for a photo shoot

6. interior tree for wishes

7. frame for photo session

8. tablecloth

The cake was ordered in a pastry shop, and a party cap with a teeddy bear was bought in a store. This image was the starting point for this holiday. In case you want to make the cap too, attach the form. You can cut, for example, from the background in step 5, and paste the picture of the bear on top.

I hope I have not forgotten anything :)

Let's start!

Step 2: Vertical Garland

Here I attach 2 different files, each of them in two formats. One is a file with hearts for cutting for A4 paper, the other for scrapbooking paper of size 30 x 30 cm.

I took such paper for creativity. We will need 4 different colors - white and 3 shades of blue. On the plotter (or manually with scissors if you do not have it) we cut out the elements in the shape of a heart, 3 sizes in 4 colors. The size of hearts in my case is 9, 7 and 6 cm in height.

To make a garland, you need to glue the hearts to a thin white ribbon of organza, and put pearl beads between them.

First, measure the length of the garland on the wall where you will hang it. You can do with a small margin, then cut off the excess. Then measure the width of the place where you will attach the garland and count the desired number of threads. The distance between the threads of the garland is 15 cm. So it looks very airy and gentle.

For convenience, I first put all the beads on the thread, distributed them over the entire length of approximately equal distance, and then began to glue the hearts. In order for the beads to be strung well on the ribbon, you need to cut the tape at a very sharp angle and cut the edge with a lighter, so you almost get a very thin edge, almost like a thread :)

For gluing it is better to use a glue gun, because it will be more reliable, but I have a yellow rod, so the glue is visible. If you have a colorless rod, then use a glue gun better. But I glued the elements with a glue stick, it is much less reliable, sometimes they have to be glued together again, although in general it’s normal.
The distance between the hearts is about 15–18 cm. I did not try to do it exactly according to the ruler, because this way the garland looks more lively and more interesting than if it were measured on a ruler.


Step 3: Photo Props for Photo Shoots

In order to emphasize the importance of the first event in the life of the child, it was decided to make a special photo-props.

I took a paper density of 200 g / cm, but you can take more.

With the help of a plotter cut out the desired number and word. In my case, this is “1” and the word “year” in Russian. For you, I prepared files with numbers from 0 to 9 and the words “year”, “years” :) If you do not have a plotter or the “Adobe Illustrator” program, I made files with a contour for manual cutting in pdf format.

With the help of a glue gun, we glue the word and number to large skewers.


Step 4: Bonbonnieres

Gift boxes for guests - bonbonnieres with snacks. I decided to just make them square and add ribbons and images of bears. It looks simple and stylish.

I took paper with a density of 120 g / cm, but it is better to make them from thicker paper, then they will better keep their shape. On the sheet A3 fit 2 boxes. We cut with a plotter or manually with pdf format.

On a soft substrate, using a non-sharp stylus, we carefully draw out all the bends, then bend it completely. Using a glue stick, we glue small wings to the base to make a cube. Fix the edges with clips like in the pictures and leave them to dry for some time.

We will decorate the box with ribbons of two colors: first with a blue wide ribbon from organza (1.5 cm), then with a thin white ribbon (3 mm). Tie beautiful bows. Carefully cut off the edges of the ribbons at an angle with sharp scissors and pass through them with a cigarette lighter. Then we glue the bears' picture onto the bow with the help of a double-sided scotch tape.


P.S. do not forget to put gifts for guests inside before tying the ribbons :)

Step 5: Chocolates

There are some difficulties with chocolates, but we will try to solve everything.

For those who can work in the "Adobe Illustrator" format, I post the necessary file and font with which you will put the desired name. For those who do not know the AI, I attached a file in the pdf format without a name, you can simply print the file and write the desired name manually.

But there is another nuance, I do not know the size of the chocolate bars that you will use. Therefore, designers will be able to change the size of the cut for chocolates in the "Illustrator's Admin" file, and the rest, for those whose size is very different from mine, can make a tricky move. I attached a blank image with a background, you can print it, manually cut the wrappers for the chocolates of the size you need. And then take the bears, which will remain from the printed bonbonnieres (they are there with a margin) and simply stick them to the chocolates on the bulk double-sided tape (or any other). If you wish, you can also write the desired name in the center!

The size of my chocolate wrapper is 87 x 83 mm. All files, stuck in this step, A3 format. Paper weight 120 g / cm, this is quite enough.

Using a plotter (or by hand), cut out chocolate wrappers. Gently use a non-sharp stylus to mark bends in the shape of a chocolate bar, then bend them completely. Then glue one edge of glue-stick and stick it to another.

Chocolates are ready!

Step 6: Tabouret

I got a small round chair a long time ago from a rented apartment, it was very old and looked bad, the owners did not need it. But I saw that despite the appearance, it is so cute, I could not pass by :)

In this instructable there are three wooden elements: a stool, a tree for wishes and a frame for a photo session. The procedure for creating them is almost the same, I will tell it in detail for the first time, and I will not repeat further, so as not to bore you with the same words. The next two steps almost repeat this one.

For this gentle photo shoot, it was decided to take white color for wooden elements, as it is more versatile and will work well with any blue hues.

First you need to sand the chair with a sanding machine. I used several sandpapers from 80 to 320 units.

Then shake off the dust well with a cloth or a not very stiff brush so that it does not interfere with dyeing. That was it is convenient to dyeing, using a glue gun, I glued 3 nuts to the three legs of the stool. So it will not come into contact with surface and stick to it.

I dyed the tabouret with a spray paint. Give it dry, better a day. Then we remove the nuts, gently with a knife we clean off the remnants of glue.

Done, the tabouret for a photo session is ready.

Step 7: Interior Wishes Tree

Now we will use it for wishes, the guests will write them on the leaves, and then we will decorate a tree with leaves. But after the holiday, you can remove the leaves in the box, and the tree can be used simply as an interior decoration. In addition, it is perfect for storing jewelry :)

The tree itself is made of 4 mm thick plywood using a laser machine.

After laser cutting you need to sand and dye the tree. This process is descripted above in the tabouret step. Note that you should not to glue the nuts but the tree should be dyed from all sides. Therefore, it is better to put it on some kind of ribbed surface so that the wood does not stick on painting.

From the background that I drew for this holiday, we cut out the leaves for the tree using a plotter. For those who do not have such a useful thing, I prepared a file with an outline, you can just cut them with scissors)) For those who do not have the "Adobe Illustrator" program, I prepared a file in pdf format, so that you probably did it all =) Note that the file is prepared for an A3-size sheet, I have printed all the sheets in the printing house, so the large format is convenient. If you want to make an A4 page, you can change this in "Adobe Illustrator". Paper weight can be 120 g / cm or a little more.

The reverse side of the leaves is white so that you can write wishes on it!

With the help of a press, I put the eyelets (I hope this is the right name) in the holes, if you do not have a special press to fix the grommets, just skip this step.

We will hang the leaves on the tree using a thin ribbon of organza. To do this, cut pieces of tape of 20 cm. Then lightly and somewhat quickly run the lighter along the edge of the ribbon. The flame from the lighter lightly melts the edges, making them harder to fray.

Done, you can write your wishes and hang the leaves on the tree!

Step 8: Frame for Photo Shoot

I found the frame quite by accident when I passed by the framing workshop. Sometimes they have unnecessary frames in different states, as a rule, not very good. They are rubbish. I decided to pick it up and put it in order. In fact, it did not look so bad.

First you need to grind, glue the nuts, paint the frame and let it dry. This process was described in detail in the stool step above.
Now the frame is ready and you can decorate it.

I decided to make a frame like a window, for this I need to add a small cloth curtain. And in order to support the overall style of the photo shoot, I added a thread of vertical garland.

How to make a garland I described in detail in the previous step "Vertical Garland". You can cut from the finished thread, if you did with a margin. If not, make another one by measuring the length of the frame (I did it with a small margin, you can see at the photos).

Next we need a fairly strong and reliable bulk double-sided tape. A piece of such scotch tape is glued to the frame on the back side and glued to it a string of garland. And so that the sticky piece of scotch does not stick to everything else, I just stuck a piece of paper on it. If you do not have such adhesive tape, you can stick a garland on hot melt glue.

Now about the curtain.

First, measure the frame to find out the desired length and width of the piece of cloth (in my case it is a piece of cloth about 30 x 70 cm), mark it on the cloth, and then cut it. We glue the curtain on the other side of the frame on the same tape (or hot melt glue). The photo shows that I pasted many pieces of scotch on top of the frame for reliability. I decided not to attach the fabric to the side of the frame so that it hangs freely. Then already familiar to us with a thin ribbon of organza (vertical garland), we wind the fabric in the form of a curtain. You can take a thicker ribbon, then it will need less (I have a 3 mm tape, it took about 4 meters).

I decided not to do bow, so as not to distract attention from the main characters of the photo shoot, it looks more harmonious.

That's all, the frame for the photo shoot is ready!

Step 9: Tablecloth

Here it is important to choose a light and delicate fabric that will be harmoniously combined with everything else, but at the same time it will not attract too much attention to itself. I did not have a suitable tablecloth, so I just bought 2 types of fabric for curtains.

The first opaque dense with a voluminous pattern that will hide any surface well, this fabric will be the base.

The second curtain is light and airy, absolutely transparent, like a cobweb, placed on top, this adds ease, festivity and creates the right mood.

Fabrics, of course, need to be washed and ironed before use, but I didn’t take photos, everything is clear here :))

Step 10: Finish!

Well, the party is ready for the very first and most important date in the life of a baby!

If you have any questions about manufacturing or you can not figure out the files or you need my help to correct something, please contact me, I will definitely try to help you!

I really want to make this manual as accessible and understandable as possible so that everyone can repeat it!

Do absolutely everything is not necessary. Even a part of these decorations will add a sense of celebration to your party!

Your life may be different, do not be afraid to experiment!

And remember that the main thing for a small dear person is that the most precious thing for him in the world is your love!

Still from Siberia with love =) Happy party to all!

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