Introduction: 喷艺术瓶 Spray Bottle Art


This is an instructable teaching how to create your own art masterpiece using spray bottles and paint! Here are the supplies that are needed for this project: paint, spray bottles, and a canvas.

Step 1: 保护表面 Protect the Surface


Place the garbage bag on the floor where you don't want any paint to end up at.

Step 2: 将画布放在垃圾袋上 Place Canvas on Garbage Bag


Place the canvas on top of the garbage bag.

Step 3: 喷漆 Spraying the Paint


Choose the color to start with. Now squeeze the handle hard in order for the paint to come out of the spray bottle because the paint is thick.

Step 4: 项目完成 Project Is Complete


Continue to spray the paint until you feel the canvas is finished!