Introduction: { CRYSTAL BALL }

Want to add a touch of magic to your home decor? Discover how with very few materials and at a very low price, you can make a beautiful fake decorative crystal ball, perfect for a witch decoration or to decorate your bookshelf full of fantastic books!


Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) PLASTIC SPHERE translucent and openable.
( 2 ) IRIDESCENT YARN or angel hair tinsel.
( 3 ) ROUND STAND WITH FEET such as bell holder or brush holder. ∗

∗ I have found this small stand on AliExpress for $1.50 (also available in silver, aged silver, gold, aged gold). As I am not sponsoring a product I do not put the address of the stand here, but you can ask me if you want to easily find the same ones.

Step 2: [ C R a F T I N G ]

( 1 ) First, open the plastic sphere and take the iridescent shred.
( 2 ) Then make a compact ball with the iridescent yarn and insert it into the sphere.
( 3 ) Adjust the amount of yarn if necessary.
( 4 ) If there are too many, remove them, if there are not enough, add some.
( 5 ) Close the sphere until it is completely filled and closable.
( 6 ) Place it on the stand by putting the clip of the sphere hidden in the middle of the stand.

Step 3: [ E N J O Y ]

That's it, you now have a beautiful decorative crystal ball to decorate your home or bookshelves with a little magic!