Introduction: ❤️ Cute Gift for Your Girlfriend ❤️

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your girl just how much she means to you. If you’re struggling to find the words, give her a gift that you made to help show her how you feel. If you don't have the tools or the materials to make it and you like that idea, you can have a look at my shop illustrisWorkshop and find that gift, with the ability to write a custom note!

Step 1: Red Exotic Wood

The gift is heart shaped wooden stud earrings. So i chose an exotic wood with red tones such as Padauk. I Cut the plank in the thickness of 4mm and passed with sandpaper to have a smooth surface. With the help of a handsaw and a template, cut the heart shape.

Step 2: Love Letter

Write a message on a card with what you want to say to your girlfriend!

'' i need you like a heart needs a beat ''

Step 3: Make Her Happy

This step is the most important one, make a romantic dinner, say how much you love her and give her the gift!

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