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It's just a tissue box...

Or is it?

In this project you will discover an easy way to add a secret compartment to a regular household item.


1. any random tissue box

2. a piece of cardboard (needs to be the size of the base of the box or larger)

3. heavy duty scissors (or your preferred tool for cutting cardboard)

4. tape

5. stick-on velcro, or just regular velcro

6. pencil and/or marker

7. liquid glue *optional*


Gather all of your supplies :)

Also, *carefully* peel open the flaps on one of the sides of the tissue box.

Step 2: Cut Out the Cardboard

If your piece of cardboard is somehow exactly the size of the base of the box, you can skip this step. Buuut, if it's not, then place the tissue box on top of the piece of cardboard. Then, using the box as a stencil, trace around the box with a pen or pencil. After that, cut out your piece of cardboard using scissors, or the cutting tool of your choice.

Step 3: Create the Compartment

So now, you are going to have to relocate all the tissues temporarily, but do not unfold them. Take the piece of cardboard you cut out, and tape it into the box. Make sure to keep the cardboard straight, so that the tissues don't just slide to one side when you put them back in.

Step 4: Reintroduce the Tissues to Their Natural Habitat

Simply put the tissues on top of the cardboard layer added in the last step. Then push the first one back through the top so you can pull them out.

Step 5: Closing the Box

Cut 6 small pieces of the velcro you chose (3 of each side of the velcro) , and put the pieces with the "fluffy" side or the side with the "loops" on the top flap. Then, put the "hooked" side of the velcro on the bottom 3 flaps of the box as shown in the image above**. If you are using velcro that doesn't already have an adhesive backing, follow the same steps but add glue to the back of the pieces.

**Of course you can put the velcro however it works best for you :)

Step 6: YAY! You Did It :D

YAY you got to the end!

(or you just finished scrolling through the instructions :P)

Either way, all thats left to do now is add the item(s) of your choice into the box :D

Also this still allows you to use the tissue box like a regular tissue box, maybe even better than before.

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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