Introduction: { FAKE ENTOMOLOGY } ! Cruelty-free !

Among the most beautiful wonders of nature, there are insects! Fascinated by these beautiful and captivating invertebrates and passionate about the Cabinet of Curiosities decorations, a few years ago I found old but sumptuous naturalized insects in flea markets.

Concerned about the well-being of nature's creatures and knowing that many of you also love this type of decoration, it came to me the idea of concocting a tutorial to show you how, with a glass bell, wooden sticks and plastic insect toys, we can create a false entomological decoration without animal violence and by preserving nature!


Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

(1) INSECTS made of plastic, polymer clay, figurines or toys. ∗
(2) NAMES of the insects searched in an encyclopedia or the Internet.
(3) STICKS made of wood.
(4) BELL or a jar made of glass or plastic.
(5) GLUE gun.
(6) ADHESIVE paper, kraft or color of your choice.
(7) PEN ink, gel of black or brown color.
(8) SCISSORS classic.

Here I used plastic toy figurines of beetles (often sold in tubes with sometimes dinosaurs or plastic animals in them, in toy stores or on the Internet. Mine come from AliExpress for 2$ the 6 beetles, don't hesitate to ask me for the URL address if you want the same ones).

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

(1) Start by cutting wooden chopsticks of different heights.
(2) Check if with the insects at the end they fit into the bell.
(3) Place the base of the bell on the back of the adhesive paper to trace its shape.
(4) Then cut out the adhesive paper and paste it to the base of the bell to cover it.

Step 3: [ L a Y O U T ]

(5) Measure the diameter of the base to discreetly mark with the pen the locations where you want to glue the wood sticks.
(6) Make sure that the locations are sufficiently spaced and choose the order of size in which you want the sticks to be placed.
(7) Then glue the sticks generously to the base using the glue gun.
(8) Then let the glued sticks dry on the base, adding glue if some do not hold.

Step 4: [ G L U I N G ]

(9) Apply glue to the back of each insect.
(10) Then stick the insects firmly to the sticks.
(11) Let it dry and in the meantime take the list of insect names.
(12) Then write the names on the adhesive paper and cut them out to make labels.

Step 5: [ L a B E L L I N G ]

(13) Place and stick under each insect the label bearing its name.
(14) Then put the bell back on its base and that's it.

Step 6: [ E N J O Y ]

Your bell of naturalized insects in an entomological way without animal cruelty is finished!


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