|| LM555 || Flashing Railroad Lights

Introduction: || LM555 || Flashing Railroad Lights

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This circuit flashes two red LEDs for a model railway crossing.

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Step 1: Construction Materials and Tools

Construction materials :


  • Ra = 68kOhm
  • Rb = 39kOhm
  • RL1, RL2 = 220 - 470Ohm


  • C = 47uF/16V


  • LM555
  • Led1, Led2

Τhe required tools :

  • Breadboard
  • DC PowerSupply+12Volt
  • Some wires

Step 2: Follow the Steps

Follow the steps like in the photos...

Step 3: Follow the Steps.

Follow the steps like in the photos...

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    6 years ago

    I made a similar circuit when taking electronic classes and used ir emitters and detectors to trigger the crossing lights from a distance before the crossing and latching them till the train fully cleared the crossing. Made it very realistic. Can't remember the full schematic but maybe you can incorporate it into your design.