Introduction: { TWIN PEAKS LANTERN }

Among all the gifts inspired by series that I have been able to make for my loved ones, my favourites have always been those on Twin Peaks. A mysterious story with dreamlike details, this cult series from the 1990s continues to fascinate many viewers today! Having long delayed the publication of this tutorial following the untimely death of my beloved sister-in-law, an immense fan of this show (for whom my Twin Peaks creations were always created), I propose it to you today as a tribute to her on the occasion of this competition which reminded me that I had to find the courage one day to publish it...

Here is this little tutorial, where I show you how with a few materials, you can create a pretty lantern in the spirit of Twin Peaks! Decorated with its most emblematic symbols such as: the owl, which is not what it seems to be, the Black Lodge with its black and white chevrons and red curtains, and finally the fire that walks with it.

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

( 1 ) OWL-SHAPED JAR or glass pot. ∗
( 2 ) LED candle.
( 3 ) PAPER STRAW with herringbone pattern (if like mine your jar has a pierced lid).
( 4 ) JAR LID adapted to the jar.
( 5 ) WHITE PAINT classic or chalk effect. ∗
( 6 ) PAINTBRUSH classic.
( 7 ) METAL TIP or needle.
( 8 ) BLACK MARKER permanent. ∗
( 9 ) ADHESIVE TAPE or double-sided stickers.
( 10 ) RED FELT classic.
( 11 ) SCISSORS classic.

∗ I bought my jar in a craft store at 3$20 (of the French brand "Graine Créative"), but other similar jars exist on the Internet. For the chalk effect paint I used RAYHER CHALKY FINISH "White" and the permanent marker POSCA "black".

Step 2: [ P a I N T I N G ]

( 1 ) First of all, imagine how your lantern will look.
( 2 ) Then wash the jar carefully with a cloth.
( 3 ) Paint the jar completely with the white paint, except for the screw thread and the owl's belly from which the light will come out of the candle, then let it dry.
( 4 ) Draw chevrons with the black permanent marker all around the jar to make the feathers of the owl.

Step 3: [ C R a F T I N G ]

( 5 ) Make sure to invert the chevrons at the level of the wings so that they stand out better.
( 6 ) If paint protrudes over the unpainted area, gently scrape it off with a tip.
( 7 ) Then cut out a square from red felt to cover the bottom of the jar, as well as longer rectangles to cover the inner sides of the jar by folding them like curtains.
( 8 ) Then attach the felt, fixing it either with double-sided tape or with a glue gun (but the top of the jar is narrow, so it is difficult to handle).

Step 4: [ F I N I S H I N G ]

( 9 ) Makesure that the bottom of the jar, covered with felt, is flat and stable enough to place the LED candle on it
( 10 ) Then place the LED candle at the bottom of the jar.
( 11 ) Close the jar with a lid (and place the herringbone pattern straw if it's a pierced lid).
( 12 ) All you have to do is open it to activate the candle when you want to light it.

Step 5: [ E N J O Y ]

That's it, your pretty Twin Peaks inspired lantern is finished.

to my sister-in-law Jezebel

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