Introduction: !0 Step Instructions

giraffe tutorial

Step 1: Download the Giraffe Picture

I downloaded this picture because i was inspired from mr hollers presentation about the black and white flower and how he changed the color of the leaves in each step

Step 2: Highlight the Background With the Lasso and Make It Orange

i thought that the orange background would be a a nice color compared to the black and white girraffe

Step 3: Use the Quick Selection Tool to Select the Giraffe Go to the Hue/saturation Option and Go to Colorize and Put the Bars to 218/100/0

i chose blue to be the main color for the giraffe because blue and orange are opposite colors on the color wheel and they are appealing to the eye

Step 4: Use the Pen Tool and Right Click It Then Choose the Option Curve Pen Tool

i thought that the curve pen tool would be a better fit for the next few steps to make strands of grass and weeds because the regular pen tool didn't get the shapes that i really wanted

Step 5: Use the Same Tool to Highlight the Spots and Make Them All Red With the Colorize Option With the Bars Being at Levels 0/100/0

the color red is one of my favorite colors and it looks good and adds to the layers of color that add a good look to the overall picture

Step 6: Use the Curve Pen Tool to Make 5 Large Grass Like Strands (about ⅚ the Way Up)

since the background was a bit stale i wanted to make it have more of a sernery amd to have large strands of grass.

Step 7: Use the Same Tool to Make 5 Small Grass Strands (about ½ Up the Picture)

for the other strands i believe that the larger ones were just not enough for the background so i wanted the picture to have another layer of grass strands

Step 8: Change the Mohawk Color of the Girafe to Gray by Changing the Saturation to 0. and Add 5 Small Black Pieces of Grass

the black small strands were put to make the shadow or cracks in the grass just to add more deatil

Step 9: Change the Background Into Four Layers From the Colors Bottom to Top Being Purple, Blue, Orange, Red by Using the Lasso Tool

the layers of color in the background were put there to have a sunset like area in the picture and to have a rainbow like feel to grab the attention of whos looking at it

Step 10: Use the Lasso Tool to Make a Corner Circle in the Top Left Corner and Then Make It Yellow With 5 Ovals As Sun Beams Facing Horizontal

the sun in the corner was just to have more detail with the overall picture. and to also have more color