Introduction: SCULPTURE 1

How to make a sculpture with laser cutting and acrylic.

Step 1: DRAW

Before making, it is necessary imagine and draw. It was not even necessary to use a 3D software in this one.

I imagined a simple mathematical situation with 6 colors.

In a semi- circle, primary and secondary colors. Blue, red, yellow / purple, orange and green.

To optimize the production, there is only one triangle size.

72 triangles of each color, 72 x 6 = 432.

A visual system organized ranging from darker to lighter.

Structurally, 12 radial subdivisions generating 6 concentric groups.

In side view, there is an angle of 45 degrees for each pair of triangles.

Like this, the fitting of each pair is perfect. The triangles have a thickness of 3mm.

Remember to imagine how it will be stuck on a wall if it’s a panel.

There are no separations between art and technique.

Step 2: CUT

For the mating parts in this prototype, exist a small square on the end of each piece,

with a slight variation of 0.5 mm. To make a rigid plug.

Another detail is a small step forward on both sides of the piece,

to make a larger area of accuracy.

There is a central hole in each triangle, allowing the assembly.


For best results, the glue can be done using a syringe.

Patience and attention. Protection glasses and mask is essential.

A little support for the assembly was necessary, so the glue does not stick the piece on the table.


I hope that a little explanation about this project can offer some ideas for new creations.