Introduction: 1$ Lamp

This is a lamp was made by me with the trash and waste in Providence, RI. All the materials including the cord are from trash or nature. The light bulb was bought in the "1 dollar tree store" in Providence. When making this lamp on your own, you can find the material in either the waste of your own house or the one of your neighborhood. Tree branches and soil can easily be found outside in nature.

Step 1: Material and Tools

The materials includes:

balsa wood stick or other woods that are easy to cut

plastic transparent sheet(any kinds could work,the thicker ones works better)

useless paper (previous homework, files etc.)

a balloon

some soil and several tree branches

thing rope, line, or wire

scissors and knife

craft glue for paper and wood

hard glue gun

a light bulb and a cord with light socket

Step 2: Make the Lamp Shade

1. tear the paper into little pieces

2. blow the ballon to the size of the lamp shade you want (this step is depended on you personal preference)

3. use the craft glue to glue the first piece of paper on to the ballon

4. continue gluing other pieces

(all the paper, except the first piece, should be glue to the previous paper pieces, instead of the balloon itself)

5. leave a hole about the size of your light bulb

6. use a pen or other sharp object to stab the balloon

s7.take the ballon out of the lamp shade.

8. use the paper to make a strip and glue the strip to the hole as showed in picture #3 (this strip will hold the shade to the light socket)

Step 3: Make the Lamp Stand

1. Cut the basal wood in to four long sticks and eight short sticks with knife

(if you only have wood pieces instead of sticks, stack several pieces together and glue them to make the piece thick, and then cut them into thin sticks)

2. glue them together into a rectangular structure like the one in picture #1

3. glue the transparent sheet to the bottom of the structure and around the four sides with hard glue gun. Leave the top open.

(I used one piece for the bottom and another whole piece raping the four sides)

4. use the knife to cut a little hole on the plastic sheet on one side of the cube. the hole should near the bottom.

5. let the cable goes through the hole

(You might need to cut the wire, let it go through the hole, and reconnect the wire again. The tutorial of how to reconnect a electric cord is attached. I borrow the video from the youtuber RichsMethods. I used a two prongs cord. If you use a three prongs cord, he has tutorial for both kinds in the video)

Watch the video and follow the step carefully, connecting the electrical cord in the wrong way might cause danger.

Step 4: Soil and Branches

1. Put the soil into the lamp stand

2. Stick the branches into the soil

Step 5: Attach the Cord to the Branch

1. Choose one of the branches and tie the cord to the branch with thin rope, wire, or line

2. screw the light bulb onto the socket

(leave a part of the cord not attached to the branch so the light bulb hangs down)

Step 6: Hang Your Shade and Light the Lamp Up

1. Hang the shade to your light socket

2. plug the cord and light up your lamp

3. customize your lamp by changing tree branches, hanging decoration, or doing anything you want to it