Introduction: 1# the Layout

[A/N sory for my english and some names ;) ]

I get this idea while looking for my BF's birthday gift. I saw the original piece and I loved it but when I saw the price my enthusiasm cooled down. So why not do it myself?

The first step was find the old game -I already had one at home for years (I had the polish wersion called "eurobiznes")- and get some self-sticking-little-papers and some pen. This etap requires some Potter-uniwerse knowledge. I plastered one self-sticking-little-paper on each field and make brain storm with my sis to rename everything. You can try to rename every colour by each book but I was too lazy. (every name you can see on the photos is in polish :) sorry I didn't bother to translate them).

The next thing is to rename the game cards.

"you have to pay taxes" = "you have to pay for treatment in st. Mungo"

"the bank pays you 20$ for sth." = "Dobby finds 20$ and gives it to you"

or alike.

But remember to create as many game cards as the game requires!

Don't forget to mesure how big the original board is!

Step 1: 2# Making the Design

When you had that all you can start thinking about the images on fields ( I kept it simple black&white but do whatever please you) remember about the backs of game cards and new money and currency (because the original Pottervese currency and system was too wierd). Oh and field cards!

The field images I made by hand and the rest I made in WORD (u know Windows) and photoshoping in PAINT (yes paint!) as my currency I found in word's signs some strange "G" (₲ḠǴĢƓǤǦ).

The worst of this step was to get the images on game card's backs but when you use the rulers on sides you get it nearly perfect.

Step 2: 3# Folding Whole

When you printed it all you can cut it and get to making the board.

Firstly cut out two rectangles (in proportion 1:1/2) of cardboard or to get better effects as I do use plywood. This will be your board's halfs (this way you make it foldable and it'll take less place while not used).

Take some non-strechable fabric and cut a strip slighty shorter than the long side of plywood and whide for about 5cm (2in) don't bother if the fabric unravel (a ribbon will be as good) it will be your board's hinger.

When you glue it down you can use some colour paper to cover the board's sides.

Then glue down the fields remember to glue them on the opposite side of the hinger (this way the board will close inwardly and protect the playing side).

On the center glue down some colour paper and mark places for game card's tags. I used wood like veneer but beforhand i glued the blue and green tags then cut out slightly smaller rectangles in the veneer and then glue it down. Do the same with the back.

If you use the veneer iron it trought it's waxpaper (wax down) to make sure it stics!

Step 3: 4# Details

Now only mark the game cards with fields the same colours and add some details to better look.

I added the cardboard shelf for bank and make the Gringott's bandama for money. For pawns I just repainted the spare old ones with nail polish and added two dice. I sewn the etui mosty because I didn't have any nice b-day bag for it :) .

And now it's done and ready for the gift.

Thanks for your time :D

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