Introduction: 10 Easy Halloween DIYs Projects

I've put together a video with 10 easy and fun DIY projects for halloween, not only is fun to make your own Halloween items but most of the ingredients are everyday low cost items.

Hope you like them and let me know how you got on and which one was your favorite! I will show you how to make: 1. Broken finger nail PVA glue, red food colouring, Tissue, spare false nail (if you don't have this you could shape a piece of plastic from a plastic tub) and fake blood (if you don't have fake blood check out my last project) 2. Hole in the hand wound Black face paint/eye liner (or kids poster paint), PVA glue, red food colouring, Tissue, fake blood. 3. Very easy mini pumpkin An orange (or one of the small varieties), Black poster paint 4. Mini pumpkin lantern Orange, Tea light (real or LED type is fine) 5. Glowing balloons (ghost/pumpkin) Balloons, glow sticks, permanent black marker pen 6. Creepy crawlies Ice cubes Plastic insects (spider/fly/cockroach which ever you prefer), Ice cube tray, water. 7. Scary glowing eyes Toilet/kitchen roll tubes, glow stick, sticky tape or glue. 8. Glowing Jar Glow stick and a Jar (can use old jam jar but make sure lid closes tight of what you use). 9. Eyeballs Ping pong balls or small rubber bouncy balls, permanent marker pens (red, black and a color for iris like green) 10.Fake edible blood Red food coloring, golden syrup (if you don't have this another syrup will do like corn syrup or even honey) and some coco powder.