Introduction: 10 Min Full Body Flexibility Training

This 10 min full body flexibility and mobility training routine starts with dynamic stretching to warm up your hips, shoulders, ankles, and other key joints in your body then moves onto static stretching to increase flexibility of your full body muscles such as hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, etc. It is a great stretch routine for rest days or full body workout days.

There are total 32 stretch exercises and each exercise takes about 20 sec. Below are the exercises with time stamps:

0:20, high knee marches

0:40, alternating quad stretch

0:59, shoulder rolls

1:19, leg front to back swings, right side

1:40, leg front to back swings, left side

2:00, leg side to side swings, right side

2:19, leg side to side swings, left side

2:40, arm circles, rotate backward

2:59, arm circles, rotate forward

3:19, knee circles, change rotation directions

3:40, cat & cow 4:01, downward facing dog, bicycle the legs

4:20, downward facing dog hold

4:40, 3 legged dog, right side

4:59, low lunge on the right side

5:20, low lunge quad stretch left side

5:40, 3 legged dog, left side

5:59, low lunge on the left side

6:21, low lunge quad stretch right side

6:42, downward dog to standing forward fold

7:01, wide leg forward fold

7:20, wide leg forward fold, head/elbows on the floor

7:43, garland pose hold

8:02, preparatory crow pose hold

8:22, full wind pose and massage lower back

8:42, toe to hand hamstring stretch with a band right side

9:02, toe to hand hamstring stretch with a band left side

9:21, lying down twisting pose right side

9:42, lying down twisting pose left side

10:00, full wind pose to happy baby pose

10:21, corpse pose

10:46, seated bound angle pose hold


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