Introduction: Full Body Kettlebell Circuit Workout With Modifications

This full body kettlebell circuit workout provides beginner friendly modifications to help you get a quick & effective workout for total muscle toning, cardio, and calorie burn. There are total 5 compound kettlebell exercises for 1 circuit and you perform one exercise one right after another with minimal rest. After you complete 1 circuit, you can rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat the circuit for up to 5 times.

I used a 10 pound kettlebell for demonstration purpose but you can select a kettlebell that best suits your fitness level.

Suggestions for weight:

5 to 10 pound for beginners

10 to 20 pound for intermediate

20 to 30 pound for advanced

Below are the exercises and time stamps for each exercise:

Exercise 1, 1:10 1 Wide pushups + 1 plank KB row, alt arms, 20 reps total and 10 rep each side

Exercise 2, 3:11

1 KB Squat + 1 dual arm tricep extension, 10 reps total

Exercise 3, 4:07

1 KB stationary lunge + 1 bicep curl + 1 shoulder press, 10 reps each side

Exercise 4, 5:20

KB Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, 10 reps each side

Exercise 5, 7:16

Alt KB Swings, 10 reps each side, 20 reps total

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat up to 5 times.

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