Introduction: 10 Minute Cookie Cutter From Soda Can

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When I needed a heart cookie cutter and didn't want to go hunting for one at the stores I decided I would make my own. It had to be sharp and sturdy enough to cut into dough of some kind and it had to be easy and quick to make.

My boys were going to be helping me use the cookie cutters so the edges could not be sharp. I didn't want any little fingers harmed!

When making cutters from a soda can you are limited with length so the shapes have to be relatively small. It worked so well I will definitely do it again - especially since it was so fast!

Step 1: Supplies and Directions

You will need the following items to make cookie cutters:

Empty soda can
Sharp scissors
Sharpie marker

1. Cut the top and bottom off of the soda can using sharp scissors and discard. Don't worry about jagged edges.
2. Cut the remaining center piece down the side so when you unroll it you have a rectangle.
3. Using a sharpie marker and ruler draw a straight line down the side edge and cut along the line with scissors.
4. Measure one inch from the cut edge and draw another line but don't cut it yet. 
5. Repeat and draw another line (so you have two, 2 inch segments) and cut along the second line - now both edges are straight.

Step 2: Bend the Edges

6. Lay a ruler along one cut edge about 1/8-1/4 inch in. Using your scissors (or something other than your fingers) bend up the edge.
7. Once the whole edge is bent press it flat. Repeat on the other side and cut down the center line so you have two separate pieces.

Step 3: Bend Piece Along Pattern

8. Draw a pattern of the shape you want and bend one of the metal strips to match the pattern.
9. Once the two pieces meet to join the shape together, cut if necessary and crimp the edges together using pliers.
10. Use the cutter!!!

**Aluminum is sharp and can cut skin. Use caution when cutting and bending a soda can. This is definitely not a project for children.

**You will notice the bent edge (or the top of the finished cutter) will crimp a bit but the bottom edge (the cutting edge) is smooth so don't worry about the top not being perfect.