Introduction: 10 Minute Light Diffuser

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Make your own light diffuser to enhance the quality of your photos!

This simple design costs less than $5 and can be put together in 10 minutes!

Step 1: Materials

Materials include: 

Piece of foam core or cardboard - 30" x 20"
Piece of white tissue paper - 24" x 20" use colored tissue paper to change the light color
Exact-O Knife
Gorilla Glue - or other adhesive

Step 2: Draw Lines

Draw lines on the foam core indicated by the dotted lines in the image.

Draw a vertical line at 1" on the foam core.  Draw a vertical line at 24" on the foam core.  Now draw another vertical line at 23".  

Draw a horizontal line 1" from the top of the foam core and 1" from the bottom of the foam core.  

At the end, round the corners as seen in the image.

Step 3: Cut With Knife

Cut along the solid blue lines with the exact-o knife.  

Step 4: Glue Tissue Paper

Align the corners of the tissue paper with the corners of the foam core and glue them together.  See second picture for final product.

The extra foam core on the end will serve as a handle.

Step 5: Use With Photo Station

Use light diffuser to lessen the harshness of the light, block shadows, and more!