Introduction: 10 Uses for a Razor

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I have always thought 'disposable' razors are way too nice just to throw away. So today when I was about to throw my old razor away I stopped myself and thought,"What could I use this for?"  All 10 uses aren't, necessarily, useful, but I did fill up some lazy time figuring them out, and you can spend some lazy time trying them or just laughing at my way of spending an afternoon. 

Warning: I am not responsible for any cuts you may get from your razor while dissembling or playing with it.  

Step 1: Disassembling of the Razor

How can one razor have so many uses? It disassembles. This required no tools or super human strength. With just a bit of pulling and squeezing and wiggling on the bottom of the razor head where it connects, it popped right out.  Then a with a bit of pulling the part that connects the razor head to the handle, will come loose. The last part to take out is the spring. (This is technically two parts because there is a piece of plastic inside the spring, but we'll call it one piece) This you can just slide out with no problem.  

  If that made absolutely no sense, the picture explains it better than I just did. 

Step 2: Uses for the Handle

The handle is the largest part of the razor and is the main part you can reuse. Although you could melt it or strip it down but I'll only be exploring what you can easily do in an afternoon in this 'ible. Make sure to clean it well (In the dishwasher or with soap and hot water) before doing these, just in case it got some germs in the shower. 

#1- Spoon. This was one of the most practical uses I could find. I noticed that one side, the side opposite from the razor it self,  was very hollow. It works perfectly as a spoon for babies or ice cream or.. well what spoons are for. It is somewhat small though so it's not what you'd want for soup or cereal unless you're on a diet and in that case it would be great for portion control. Otherwise it would make a cute baby or kids spoon. Especially if you duck tape the non spoon end with a nice pattern or color to help little hands hold it. 

Note: Not scientifically (or otherwise) tested for safety. I don't know what chemicals razor handles contain. 

#2- Photo (Place-Card) Holder. I'm sure the guests at your next fancy dinner party would love to have place-card holder made from your old razor.. okay maybe not. But for your 5 year old's party colorful place-cards and holders would be cute! I discovered that my razor has a groove down the middle perfect for holding business card sized objects. With the help of a little clay for stabilization you have a photo holder for those school pictures that you'd otherwise just be sticking on the fridge or wall. You could also spray paint it, if you don't like the color.

#3-Doll. Amazing isn't it? The part that makes your razor a spoon can also make your razor a doll. Just draw a face and there you have it. Not not very fancy. But use some scrap fabric (Like an old shirt or just a remnant) and make a dress, tie it with a ribbon so it will stay and you have a doll. You could even add some hair made of thread or yarn, with a hot glue gun. Your kids will be waiting for you to wear out a razor so they can have dolls.. probably not gonna happen. However, it you have a few old razors (with the sharp ends removed of course) you could put them in a shoe box with some ribbon, pipe-cleaner and scraps of cloth and you have a craft kit for car trips. 

#4- Meat Tenderizer. Once you wash it well, use the flip side of the 'spoon' end to tenderize the meat. You could also use the other end, where the razor head used to be for this. Once you're done, you can throw it away. Not worrying about making sure it's washed well or if it's harboring germs. Just throw it away when you're done. (Yes, I stole the picture off the internet) 

#5- Dish Scrubber- This one is so simply easy I don't know why I didn't think of it first off. Take an old wash cloth or a dishrag and cut it in half. Wrap it around the 'spoon end' and secure with a rubber band. And you're done. This is also multi purpose because you can use the opposite end as a scraper for pans, and stubborn spots. 

#6- Seed/ Plant Marker. Write the plant name down the front. Place it in the ground next to a plant or seed. It doesn't quite beat a Popsicle stick in terms of biodegradability but it is also reusable so then again maybe it does. 

#7- Slug Remover. This may be grasping at straws, but the razor handle also works for slug/caterpillar/worm removal.. I mean who wants to touch a slug? : /  Anyway, just keep it around and it can come in handy for that or just for tamping down dirt around new plants.. In fact that's probably more practical. 
(If you don't like my use number seven, it can also be used as a picket sign handle for children or people with small hands.  This was my dad's suggestion) Basically use #7 can be any number of things, and I can't decide on just one. However I like having something handy to remove *shudder* slugs, so that's the one that wins #7. 

Step 3: Uses for the Other Parts.

Razor Head Holder Uses-

#8- Mister Mighty Man-  Though I could only find one use for the razor head holder it actually turned out to be useful. Mr. Mighty Man here, is awesome for little gifts. For instance if you leave early in the morning you could leave your kid a little piece of candy on his nightstand, held up by Mr. Mighty Man. (Not the nightstand the candy) Or He can hold Tooth-Fairy Money. ( You could even add a little pair of wings to his/her back) All I did to him was draw on eyes, and he's done! 

Spring and Plastic Insert Uses-

#9- Lego Microphone. Look at it. What is the first thing you see when your look at the plastic inside of the spring? If you're like me it looks just like the microphone symbol on a computer. So the next thing that popped into my mind was that it was Lego sized, so I realized it could be used for Lego movies. For instance if you're just playing around and have already made a Lego movie, you could use the microphone to make an interview scene! It would also work even for a Lego newscaster. You can do this with the spring still on the mic or you could take it off. It works either way, but the spring does make a nice cord. The mic is a little too thin for Lego hands so add a little clay to the bottom or just balance it well. 

#10-  Earrings. You'll need two razors before you can make a pair, but take a fish-hook earring and the spring(minus the plastic), Using pliers, open up the end of the spring and and put it through the hole in the fish-hook. Twist it around and your done! Alternately you could add some other springs,charms etc. Sort of steampunk-ish.

Step 4:

Thanks for reading this, and joining me on my exploration of razor uses. I'm sure there are more, and if you find any I'd love to hear about them!