Introduction: 100% Pure Aloe Vera Beauty Mask

Aloe vera leaves started popping up in health stores for pretty cheap around where I live. Since so many creams for skin care and sunburn care use aloe, I thought I would try using Aloe Vera directly instead of processed stuff!

I really like this method because all you need is an Aloe Vera leaf and you use it fresh when you need it! It is Aloe in its purest form. Here is how I use it and what I learned.

Use this as a regular skin care product or on sunburn!


  • Aloe Vera leaf (you can purchase this at your local health food store or you could start growing your own plant)
  • A knife
  • Some plastic wrap or aluminum foil for storage
  • Optional: scissors

Step 1: Procure Your Aloe Vera Leaf: Directly From a Plant

If you are cutting a leaf from an Aloe plant, make sure to cut as close to the base as possible. Cut a leaf that is closer to the outside of the plant that is sturdy and thick.

Step 2: Procure Your Aloe Vera Leaf: From a Store

The choice of the leaf is really important! I use the analogy of a cucumber: a fresh cucumber is sturdy and doesn't bend too much: that's what you want your Aloe leaf to feel like. Anything that bends too much means it is not very fresh.

Aloe leaves go for $3-$6 around where I live.

Step 3: Stay Clear of the Yellow Stuff Near the Skin of the Leaf

Usually, once you have a fresh cut, some yellowish liquid might drip from the leaf, make sure to wipe that away and stay clear of it, that is the toxic part of the plant. Usually a quick wipe does the trick and you won't have any issues!

Step 4: Cut a Piece of Leaf

The size of the cut depends on how much you want to apply. I usually do face + neck + elbows, and the picture displays about how much I cut for that.

Step 5: Slice Your Piece

Slice your piece of leaf in half down the middle to access the gel. You slice it this way to make sure you're not using the yellow outside rim of gel (the toxic part)!

Step 6: Apply the Gel Directly Onto Your Skin

Rub the leaf piece onto your skin gently. When most of the gel has transferred, rub it in with your hand. Apply this wherever you want on your body!

After waiting a few minutes, most of it will be absorbed by your skin. I recommend not washing your skin though! Spend the night with the aloe on your face and your will wake up with fabulous skin, because you will have allowed it to really seep in.

Step 7: Release More Gel

Re-use the leaf piece by slicing gently through the gelled part to release more gel. Be careful not to cut too deep. I usually use my nails to cut through but you can use a knife.

You now have even more gel to use on your body!

Step 8: Cover the Fresh Part of the Aloe Vera Leaf in Plastic Wrap or Foil.

Just cover the freshly cut part to keep it fresh longer.

Step 9: Store in the Fridge

Step 10: Optional: Cut Off the Spikes

Aloe leaves have spikes on the sides, which you can cut off with a pair of scissors to make your use of the plant easier!

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