Introduction: 100% Waterproof Ducttape Mug

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We'll be making a 100% waterproof ducttape mug! :)

Here's what you need:

- Ducttape (I like ducttape i can rip but if you have stronger ducttape you can use your scissors. Make sure you don't ruin your scissors though, it can get sticky.)

- An empty pringles can (or something similar)

- Scissors

Lets get started!

Bytheway, photo's are an important part of this instructable so watch closely :)

Step 1: Cut the Pringles Can

Cut the empty pringles can. It doesn't matter where you cut it, we just don't want to deal with the metal bottom or the ridge at the top. Be sure to get a straight cut though, we want our bottom to be flat.

Step 2: Creating the Inside of the Mug

Making a mug waterproof and non sticky from the inside is hard. Therefore we are going to use a unnatural feeling but very handy technique. We're gonna make the inside first. In order to do this without sticking it to the pringles can we need to put the sticky side of the ducttape away from the can (as shown in pictures).

First, go around the can for 2 times, make shure the ducttape overlays a little bit like in the first picture.

After that we are making the bottom, wich is the hard part. You simply put a piece of tape on the bottom and fold it around the corner. Here, the rule is MORE DUCTTAPE = BETTER. You'll get the best waterproof mug if you do the bottom layers 2 or 3 times. Also, make sure to fill up every hole very well and even though it's sticky, press the ducttape down a bit where it needs it.

Step 3: Making the Outside of the Bottom

Now we've finished with the inside of the mug, we're gonna make the outside of the bottom. The 'tactic' is the same, only this time we can't folt over the left over parts. So, what i did is make a small cut (actually i just ripped it but a cut could be done) so i can fold the parts over eachoter. If you find it confusing just take a look at the pictures. Continue doing the same untill the whole bottom is covered. Doing the outside with muliple layers may help some, but not much. I strongly reccomend doing the inside with multiple layers instead.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now we only need to wrap up the last part of the mug: the part thats still sticky.

To make the mug stronger and to eliminate the little sticky layer you can never get quite right, we're gonna flip some ducttape over the edge. Because it won't flip over all at once we're gonna make cuts again here. See the pictures for more info

Step 5: Testing the Waterproofness

You can make an ear for the mug to comfortably hold it, but i prefer to test the waterproofness first. You simply put some water in it and cross your fingers it doesn't come out of the bottom.

I'll be honest, the version in the pictures was not waterproof. But i've done it before and i'll guarantee it is do-able. If your first try also doesn't completely work, you can let it dry and try adding more ducttape to it, but i'd say you would be better of starting over and just use more ducttape on the first few steps.

I'd love to see your creations!

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