Introduction: 100yen-shop's Flower Lamp

Hi, guys, we cast a spell on used some materials and turned it into fantastic lamp!

Please look and vote us!

Step 1: 1st Step : Things to Prepare

Things to prepare : an old folding umbrella ・LED candles ・PET bottles ・a wire ・a vinyl yarn ・artificial flowers and leaves ・a knitting bag ・cutting nippers ・instant glue ・scissors・net・flowers

Step 2: 2nd Step : Cleaning the Umbrella

First, dismantle an old umbrella, and divide into a frame and clothes.

Next, widen an umbrella rib, and fix it to an appropriate size. Then thread with wire to an umbrella rib.

Step 3: 3rd Step : Use the PET Bottles and LED Candles

First, you cut the bottom of plastic bottle.

You use the lower part of this plastic bottle. Next, you make three holes in it. Once you finish this process, thread plastic string through holes you made. After that, you make big hole in the bottom of this plastic bottle to turn candles on or off. Finally, you attach candles to bottle with glue.

Step 4: 4th Step : Hang the PET Bottles

After you prepare candles, hang them from the tip of frame which be made of umbrella.

Step 5: Last Step : Cast a Spell

Finally, cover the umbrella using the net. After that, decorate that with some flowers! The rough umbrella was turned into a fantastic lamp!

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