Introduction: 11 Year Old Furiosa!!

For Halloween my daughter wanted to be a strong female character and Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road came immediately to mind. So we started collecting materials...

Step 1: Going Shopping

Based on the pics we could find of Furiosa on the internet, we knew that a trip to GoodWill was in order. Furiosa needed boot and belts... lots of belts. We found a great pair of boots for $6 and a hand full of belts for the midsection. While we were there I found a cheap purse that not only had straps, but matching "leather" for the back of Furiosa's belt buckle. SCORE!

Step 2: Building the Belt

For the buckle, I found an old skull ring from a previous Halloween and cut the "ring" off of the back. I then laid out a piece of wax paper and "drew" the buckle with hot glue. Once it cooled, I glued the skull in the center and painted the whole thing with metallic spray paints. Silvers and browns make for a great weathered look. Next came the leather parts. I cut the straps off of an old purse and a circle from the bottom. I glued my "buckle" to the circle. I then bought marti-gras beads from Party City and cut them to length and weathered with the paints. Everything was held in back by a little velcro.

Step 3: Furiosa's Famous Fingers...

Next, we got an old glove and taped the appropriate fingers together. I made basic shapes with Gorilla tape while my daughter punched holes in a piece of thin foam with a hole punch. :) We cut the finger "metal" to size and hot glued it on. Other basic shapes were cut and added for extra detail. We scavenged the garage and found some plastic wire loom, drinking straws, old washers and nuts, etc... We made mechanical looking nurnies with the junk and glued in place. A piece of hose and foam cord finished the glove. It was ready for paint.

Step 4: Shoulder Straps...

We grabbed the old belts and a used knee guard from a part of a baseball leg protector from a local sporting goods place and started hot gluing. We made the arm cuff with an old belt cut into short lengths. Everything was held together with a strap across her chest and one the length of her arm. We tried everything on for size...

Step 5: Details

We painted an old pair of goggles to look like metal and found some clothing. We sprayed them a little with brown and black paint to weather them a bit. We added final touches to the arm with some gold paint and an old wrench. A short wig topped it all off.

Step 6: Finalizing Furiosa

All that was left was a little makeup and assembly. The kids went Trick or Treating and were the talk of the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

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