Introduction: $12 Telescopic Go Pole, GoPro Pole

1. Buy an RV Broom from Wal-Mart
. Cut the broom end to size
3. Cut off the bristles
4. Grind or sand the surface smooth
5. Paint the blue part black( I used Plasti-dip)
6. Attach the GoPro mount to the clean surface (I used a clamp but it is unnecessary because the mounts have a very strong adhesive)
The pole, after modifications, goes from 20.5 inches up to 47 inches. 
I used a Dremel to cut the bristles and the end of the broom to size.  Be careful with any power tools, read the instructions and wear safety glasses.  I was cutting plastic and it started to melt and it stuck to my hand and burned.  Be careful. 

Here is a video we shot mostly on the pole we made.