$6 Cheap IPhone Fisheye Lens Case(any Phone Really)

Introduction: $6 Cheap IPhone Fisheye Lens Case(any Phone Really)

I already owned the fisheye lens($30), so in total the case($1.00) and the prescription bottle(free) and plasti-dip($5.00) cost $6.  If you have to buy a lens it may cost you $40.  That price is still cheaper than any mass produced fish eye.  The best part is no matter what phone you have this can work as long as you can buy a cheap case.  I bought the case on ebay for a dollar.  First thing is to measure the prescription bottle to make sure it is the right size, mine is on the bigger size.  My inside diameter is 1-7/16in(just under one and a half inches).  Cut the bottle so you have a ring about a 1/2in(half) thick.  I then measured the center of the camera and centered the ring on the case.  Using plexiglass I cut a circle to the diameter of the ring with a Dremel (Use caution and read all safety instructions).  The lens will be offset from the case because camera lens is on the edge of the phone.  The important part is to line up the fish eye with the camera because if it isn't the camera will have trouble focusing.  I hot glued the ring to the case and sprayed it all with plasti-dip to make it look uniform. There are sample pics of what the fisheye does to the camera.  You can get incredibly close to your subject and it also works great with a Time Lapse app.  

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