12 Inch Mazinger Z Aka Tranzor Z

Introduction: 12 Inch Mazinger Z Aka Tranzor Z

This is a special project for me.. I grew up in Mexico till i was 11 years old so this Cartoon was actually known as Mazinger Z. However, i found that here in the states was known as Tranzor and was pretty famous here too. Anyways when i was little these kinda toys were not cheap and were not common.

I always wanted one of these guys but unfortunately my family couldn't afford these bad boys. So When i got into 3D Printing one of the projects i always wanted to do was Mazinger Z.

The 1st task was to design a character... I could of done the classic version of mazinger z but doing so i would be just copying stuff that is already out there.. So what i did is a designed a very stylized version of mazinger z.. as you can see on my second pic this version is more of the anime version of Mazinger z... Anyways if you follow me on instagram.com/mstyle183 i been designing a lot of designer toys like Dunny, Munny and MADL.. So what i did in my 3rd picture was shrink the body and extremities and exagerate the head, hands and feet.. to give it a more anime / designer toy look.

Not only this made the look of this guy more unique while still preserving the qualities of Mazinger Z, but it also made it more 3D printer friendly.. I could fit the legs in one print measuring about 5 inches tall, Torso in another and so on..

As you can see the model was cut into several pieces

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Step 1: Slice and Print.. and Re Assemble

I made two versions of this bad boy.. One about 9 inches tall and one about 12 inches tall... the larger one has rotating arms and is divided into more pieces as you can see by the two different colors i used..

I'm not sure how many hours this guy took to be printed but it was a long time.. about each part took 3-5 hours.. and as you can see there was a lot of printing

Step 2: Prime, Sand and Repeat

As i mentioned in my other posts you.. crappy printers leave a nasty layering effect that looks like crap when painted.. so what you can do is sand it down with a dremel and smooth out your model with Acetone like i did on my Blue Meth Throne


but this method is very messy and time consuming.. not to mention the fumes and dust created by it.. So i developed another method.. I use this primer that fills in the layering effect and is also sandable.. And best of all takes paint extremely well!!

Step 3: Paint and Paint Some More

So in this project i used two methods of painting.. I used airbrushing and traditional paint spray cans..

As you can see both look totally different .. The trick with this is to plan your painting strategy and use lots of painters tape.

but as you can see.. you can't beat spray can paint!!...

So anyways i hope you enjoy my work and inspires you to make your own 1980's or 1990's childhood super hero!!

If you like my work and want to see more of it please vote for me so i can keep doing this stuff.. Also share it on twitter, facebook etc..

Check out my two other entries for the contests here



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    7 years ago

    WOW EXCELENT WORK..!! I'm from Puerto Rico and also grew up watching Mazinger Z, one of my favorite shows...Your work is AWESOME...

    Is there any chance of share the .stl files..?? I also have a 3d printer and would LOVE to have one of those...!!

    Cheers..!! :-)


    Reply 2 years ago

    I would love to make/have one of these. Would you be interested in sharing the STL files? I build models, and would prefer to build/finish it myself as opposed to buying one already complete