Introduction: Easy Recipes for Homemade Slime

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If you love making your own slime, you've come to the right place! We have tons of DIY slime recipes here on Instructables, so I decided to pick a few of our tried-and-tested favorites to share.

In this instructable I'll show you recipes for clear slime, glowing slime, color changing slime, magnetic slime, cornstarch goop and more!

These slimes are made with a wide range of ingredients, so you'll hopefully be able to find one you can make at home without shopping for supplies. If not, trying searching for slime here on instructables. You're sure to find a slime recipe that works for you!

Step 1: Making Slime Without Borax Powder

This slime recipe is a classic! It's a great base for mixing in all kinds of glitter, foam balls, or anything else you can think of.

Instead of using borax powder, this slime utilizes contact solution which contains boric acid. If you're worried about borax causing skin reactions, this is a much better way to make slime!

And best of all, it's pretty much fool-proof. :D

Click here to find out how to make slime without borax!

Step 2: Magnetic Slime Recipe

Slime and magnets: what could be better?

This slime recipe contains iron oxide, which allows the slime to react with strong magnets. It's a fun science experiment for both kids and adults!

It may be tricky to find iron oxide or neodymium magnets locally, so I highly suggest looking online for those supplies to make the process easier.

Click here to learn how to make magnetic slime!

Step 3: How to Make Goop (Also Known As Oobleck)

Before homemade slime was the hottest thing around, cornstarch goop (also known as oobleck) was king!

Oobleck is incredibly fun to play with! It transitions from a near liquid to solid state depending on how you handle it. (For more information on how this works, check out the non-Newtonian fluid Wikipedia page.)

Goop is incredibly easy to make: all you need for this slime recipe is cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

Click here to find out how to make goop!

Step 4: How to Make Fluffy Slime

This DIY slime is wonderful: it's like a fluffy, soft, stretchy cloud.

The recipe is very similar to my standard slime without borax powder, but it contains one special ingredient: shaving cream!

The shaving cream adds loads of volume to the slime with no extra effort. You may want to be careful if you're sensitive to smells, though. If that's the case, look for unscented shaving cream. :)

Click here to learn how to make fluffy slime!

Step 5: Classic Slime Recipe

This is one of the oldest and most popular slime recipes on Instructables!

If you've ever had trouble making your own slime at home, you'll be happy to know that this recipe includes super exact measurements. Instead of a typical glue base, this slime is made from guar gum, borax, water and glycerine.

So not only does it make great slime, you'll feel like a proper scientist weighing everything out. ;)

Click here to learn how to make classic slime!

Step 6: Homemade Silly Putty Slime

This putty style slime is a classic glue and borax recipe. While the original recipe doesn't include any coloring or other fancy additions, it's a great base for those!

This is also a fantastic recipe to experiment with, as you can change the structure of the slime based on how much of the borax solution you add.

Click here to find out how to make silly putty borax slime!

Step 7: How to Make Conditioner and Cornstarch Slime

If you're looking for a soft, stretchy and scented slime, this is the recipe for you! This is more of a mix between slime and playdough, but it feels wonderful and is so much fun to play with.

Use your favorite scented conditioner to customize your slime, and feel free to play with the ratios to make it firmer or softer.

Click here to learn how to make conditioner and cornstarch slime!

Step 8: How to Make Color Changing Slime

This slime recipe is especially fun to play with - it changes colors at different temperatures! The secret to this slime is thermochromic powder, which is available in a large range of colors and activates at many different temperatures.

Try dipping the slime in hot water and then applying ice cubes to see extreme colors shifts, or dipping it in hot water and then stretching and kneading the slime to allow it to change back to the original color slowly. The slime will change colors over and over, so you can try out different things to make the colors shift!

Click here to learn how to make color changing slime!

Step 9: How to Make Glowing Potato Slime

This potato slime is a great science experiment! Instead of using borax or traditional starches for thickening, this recipe uses starch from potatoes to create the slime effect.

The addition of tonic water also allows the slime to glow under a blacklight, which makes it even more fun. :D

This is definitely one of the most time-intensive slime recipes out there, but the results are worth it!

Click here to learn how to make potato slime!

Step 10: How to Make Clear Glitter Slime

This is another classic school glue and borax slime recipe, but with a fun addition: GLITTER!

I love this slime because you can enjoy glitter without leaving a glittery trail wherever you go. The slime keeps the glitter nicely contained. :D

Click here to learn how to make clear glitter slime!

Step 11: How to Make Radioactive Slime

This slime recipe uses the ink from highlighters for color! This allows for neon slime in regular light, and glowing slime under a blacklight.

Make sure to check that that the highlighters you use are labeled as non-toxic in case anyone decides to lick the slime. You never know!

Click here to learn how to make radioactive slime!

Step 12: DIY Galaxy Slime

Another fun slime to make with glitter: galaxy slime!

This recipe uses my classic no borax slime recipe as a base, along with dark food coloring and loads of glitter. It ends up beautifully iridescent and super fun to play with.

Click here to learn how to make galaxy slime!