Introduction: 12 Ft Long Selfie Stick

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I was playing around with a selfie stick and found out that the picture taking button turns up the volume! So that raised the questions "do earbuds take pictures?" Yes! "does adding a 32 ft pole and some wire make a selfie stick?" Maybe!

Step 1: Parts and Tools


  1. adjustable pole
  2. iearbuds (they have to have the microphone on them)
  3. stranded wire three times the length of the pole
  4. clamp
  5. safety wire (or any type of wire)


  1. gorilla glue
  2. clamp
  3. soldering iron
  4. solder
  5. glue gun

Step 2: Glue Lash Glue

Glue the clamp onto the end of the pole. After the glue dries lash the clamp and the pole for added strength then squirt some gorilla glue into the lashing.

Step 3: Cut, Strip and Solder

Cut the earbuds between the mic and the split then strip the wires. Next, cut the 36 ft wire into 12 foot sections strip them

Step 4: Put the Wire Through the Pole

Using a big drill bit drill a hole into the end of the pole. Now you can start threading your wire into the pole.

NOTE: Taking apart the pole helps with treading the wires

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To secure the wire squirt gorilla glue into the end of the pole. Once that dries hot glue the mic onto the handle of the pole

Step 6: Take Some Selfies!

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