Introduction: 123d Office/school Multitool for 3-d Printer

Hello. To make this you will need a 3-d printer. This is a multi-use organizer for use in school and in the office. It contains a 3 hole punch, a glue stick holder (for the little school kids), a scissor holder, a stapler, a pencil holder, a ruler, a place where you can stick a roll of pop up tape, and a paper holder.(reminder, it must be printed to the exact size for the ruler to be accurate and the tools built in to work). Also you do NOT have to pay for pro to make this. It CAN be made completely out of plastic on a 3-d printer.

Step 1: Download the App

Download the autodesk 123d design app on the apple App Store. This is free and there are tutorials on how to use it on the Internet and YouTube.

Step 2: The Three Hole Punch

First, you will have to take a cube from the primitives section and stretch it so it is long and flat and the shape of a rectangle. The length should be longer then 40 centimeters (you can measure this with the little boxes, which are 1 centimeter squared). Then duplicate this by holding on it and clicking duplicate. Put one in front of the other, about a centimeter apart, and connect them with a hinge, which you can get from loading shapes from the cloud and clicking on hardware. Then you want to take a torus from the primitives and make it tall and small (hint- the size of this will affect how big the hole is). Put 3 of these on the bottom part of the rectangle where they will punch holes in the paper. Lastly, take a cylinder from primitives and shrink it to a little smaller than the torus. Place them in line with the toruses so when the rectangles are flipped over the hinge the cylinders will go into the toruses. This will work for 3 hole punching, the only thing you will need to do is hold the paper tight when you push down.

Step 3: The Glue Stick and Scissor Holders

You already have your 3 hole punch put together. Now on the side put a pipe. Put it on its side and shrink it to a little bigger then the size of a glue stick. Attach to the right side.(make sure to put it near the bottom, when you put the ruler on it will keep the glue from falling out). Do the same thing on the right side with a duct, and make it so it fits scissors.(refer to image for how to place them).

Step 4: The Ruler

To make the ruler, first take the cube and stretch it to the length of the grid. Attach it to the front of the 3 hole punch long side to long side. Then take the joist from model houses and shrink it to the size of a tick mark. Put the tick marks on the ruler following the centimeter marks on the grid. I made twelve for demonstration purposes, but you can add as many as you want. Each tick is one centimeter, and can be used for measuring objects.

Step 5: The Stapler

Take a wedge and put it on the right side of the ruler near the end. Here you can glue a mini stapler, which you can get at most dollar stores. (Safety warning-staplers can be dangerous. Never put your hand under one).

Step 6: Paper Holder/stand

Take two c shapes and add them to the bottom of the Multitool. These can be used like shelves and store paper, so if at any time you need to write an essay, just whip out a sheet of paper along with a pencil, 3 hole punch it and get to work!

Step 7: Pencil and Tape Holders

Take a duct, shrink it and put on the side of the paper holder. Add a back to it with a cube to make it able to hold pencils and enjoy! The last step is to add a c shape on the side to stick the pop up tape rolls in. You can get these at the dollar store.

Step 8: End

I thank you for reading this and next time your on 123d and your office is a mess, consider making and printing a office Multitool. They will put everything you need in one spot and will help you work faster and better.

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