Introduction: $15 PSY Gangnam Style Costume for Halloween

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I went as PSY for my schools celebrity day for spirit week. This out fit can also be used as a Halloween costume. I made my costume for $15 dollars but it might be more do to me already having some materials. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

You need:
Black cloth
jacket \
pants  ---I got these from goodwill for $10  
shirt    /
Black dress shoes
white duck tape
Sewing supplies
White bow tie
And don't forget the sunglasses!

Step 2: Make the Jacket

To make the jacket i got a brown jacket from goodwill and just sew black fabric that we had lying around onto the lapels. The finish product looked like this...

Step 3: Then Make the Shoes

To make the shoes I had some old dress shoes that were black. But to make them look like PSY's i put white duct tape on them. finish product looks like so...

Step 4: Put It All Together!

Once you have done all of those just put it on and your done! But dont forget the sunglasses!

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