Introduction: 15 Steps on How to Create a Proper Formal Place Setting.

Step 1: Step One: Place Mat

To create a impressive formal table setting select a decorative place mat to accent the china and the utensils in the place setting.

Step 2: Step Two: the Plate

The next step is to add the service plate. This plate is the largest place in the setting.

Step 3: Step Three: the Salad Plate

The salad plate is placed on top of the service place. The salad plate closely resembles the bead plate.

Step 4: Step Four: Soup Bowl

The soup bowl is placed on top of the service plate and the salad plate. in most fromal dinners soup would be served to guest.

Step 5: Step Five: the Dinner Fork

The dinner fork is placed to the mid left of the serving plate. it is one of the largest forks in the place setting arrangment.

Step 6: Step Six: the Salad Fork

the salad fork is placed in between the dinner fork and the service plate. also located in the nine o'clock position.

Step 7: Step Seven: the Service Knife

The service knife goes to the right of the service plate. The service knife resembles a kitchen butter knife but is a little heavier.

Step 8: Step Eight: the Soup Spoon

The soup spoon is placed to the right of the service knife. the soup spoon has a more rounded head and is slightly bigger than a regular dessert spoon.

Step 9: Step Nine: the Fish Fork

If fish is on the entree for your formal dinner then your table setting will require a fish fork. This fork is the smallest fork in the arrangement.

Step 10: Step Ten: Cake Fork

The cake fork is place directly under the desert spoon also at the twleve o'clock position.

Step 11: Step Eleven: Desert Spoon

The desert spoon is placed directly over ( at the twelve o'clock position) of the service plate. The desert spoon is the smallest spoon in this arrangement.

Step 12: Step Twelve: Bread and Butter Plate

The bread and butter plate is placed at the top left of the service plate. This plate is used to eat dinner rolls or whatever bread is being served at the dinner.

Step 13: Step Thirteen: the Bread and Butter Knife

The bread and butter knife is placed on top of the bread and butter plate. The bread and butter knife slightly differs from a kitchen butter knife.

Step 14: Step Fourteen: the Drinking Glasses

There are several differnet versions as to how many drinking glasses to use when setting a table. The number of glasses required for a place setting is according to what and how many different beverages guest will be enjoying at the dinner. In this arrangement I have presented I used three glasses: one for red wine, one for white wine, and the other for water( also known as a water gobblet).

Step 15: Step Fifteen: the Napkin

The napkin is now added to the table setting. Always remember that the napkin goes to the outside left ( also known as the nine o'clock position) of the table setting.