Introduction: $1.50 DIY Behind Mower Lawn Striper

About: Instagram: withered_perception

Instagram: withered_perception

I purchased this house a year ago and have spent the last year getting my lawn back from complete crunchy brown destruction to this thick emerald green.

Now that I have slaved away to get the yard thick and green I figured it was time to show off a bit and dominate the neighbors.

Not to mention it's great for the grass to optimize photosynthesis. But the above statement is more fun so lets go with that!

Step 1: Plugged Up

Got some of these plugs at Lowes for like $1.50

Not so much a step as a bragging right that this is all it cost!

Remember we are going with the domination statement not the it's hood for the grass, even if it is!

Step 2: Remove the Flap

Remove the debris flap on the back of the mower.

Step 3: E6000

Glue the hell out of the plug on one side and wipe off the excess.

Step 4: BB's Bitches!

Fill the flap with BB's.

Step 5: Return Back to Step 3

Glue the other side and let it sit for a minimum of 24 hrs.

Step 6: Reinstall

Now go mow!

Instagram: withered_perception