Introduction: 1950s Styled Headband

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I love these head bands but where I live they are hard to come by. This is a quick and easy way of making them. However I made this head band way to small for me so i put it on a teddy.

Step 1: Cutting

Find a some fabric you like and cut it into two stripes about 8 to 10cm wide. They can be any length it depends on the size of your head. (It needs to be at least 25cm larger than your head)Then round the ends.

Step 2: Sewing

Put both sides with the pattern on it together. Then sew around the edged but leave one end open so that you can put the wire in.

Step 3: Putting in the Wire

Cut a piece of thin wire just less then two lengths of the fabric.Then turn your fabric so the patterned side is facing outwards. Then make the wire into a huge loop and twist the two ends together. Then feed the loop of wire through the open end of your fabric.

Step 4: Sew the End

Simply fold the open end together like in the picture and sew the end together.