Introduction: Cute Cupcake House Decorations

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These cute decorations can be made big or small. They are a good present for a friend who likes baking or a parent. Also you can make them any colour you want.

Step 1: What You Need

You need ..... •polystyrene ball (any size you want) •wool or embroidery thread (you wont know how much you will need so use a ball of wool or thread and cut it when said) •small pins •sequins •glue (not a glue stick) • cupcake cases •the little fabric ball thing • skewer •scissors

Step 2: Poke a Hole

Poke a hole into your polystyrene ball then put a little bit of glue into the hole.

Step 3: Wraping

Push your wool or thread into the hole with your skewer and start wrapping (it is kinda difficult at the beginning but it does get easier) When you have finished wrapping cut the wool or thread and use your skewer and pock the end of the thread or wool into the polystyrene ball. If the wool doesn't stay just use a little glue.

Step 4: Stick the Ball on to the Cupcake Case

Step 5: Start Decorateing

You can decorate these however you want just pin or glue everything on. I find pining is better.

Step 6: Now Your Finished!!!!!

Comment if you like these and if you don't tell me and how you would make these better. :) :) :)

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