Introduction: 2 Elbow Camera Mount on the Cheap.

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I needed a better camera mount for my low budget YouTube channel. Using stuff easily and cheaply found in the hardware store or scrap pile i crafted this 2 elbow camera mount.

Step 1: Tools and Parts.

Drill and drill bits
Adjustable wrench

1inx2in board. Cut into 3 sections. you need about 3 feet of board but make it whatever size that suits your use,
Selfie stick. I get them from the dollar store.
Large washers Fender washes will work. helps spread the compression force across the wood and allows smoother operation.
Nuts and bolts. I got an assortment from the hardware store and it has been handy for many other projects.
C-Clamp. I recommend at least 4in so you can clamp it to just about anything. Discount hardware store, thrift store, and garage sales are good places to source tools like this.
Can of paint. Make it look nice.

Step 2: Assembly

Cut your boards to size.
I used lengths cut at 8, 12, and 16inches. Depending on your application you may want your boards different sizes. Mock it up in carboard before you cut to make sure you get the range of motion you want to have.

Drill holes for elbows and countersink the middle bolt head.
The middle arm needs to have the head of the bolt sunk into the board so it can freely pass over the lower arm. Drill your hole for the bolt and then use a larger drill bit open up the end enough to sink the bolt head into the board. Drill the hole for the selfie stick to sit in.

Mount the selfie stick into the hole and bolt up the elbows.

Use the C-Clamp to clamp the board to your workbench or whatever you want. This mount will give a really good range of motion and the ability to raise and lower the camera.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and invite you to check out my YouTube channel.

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