Introduction: 2- Minute Confetti Nutella Brownie

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I'm going down the list of Dorm Room Desserts from the video tutorial I posted last week giving you dessert lovers and college students 5 fun Back To School recipes.

This was actually my first time trying nutella. After breaking into the jar for this microwaveable brownie, I ended up taking a spoonful of nutella from it every hour on the hour for the next few hours. Oh but it didn't end there, that night I made nutella banana stuffed french toast roll-ups. Nutella lovers, I get it now.... I get it. It's 200 calorie per tablespoon delicious! Only amazing and magical things are packed with that many calories.

But, if you're only using five tablespoons for a big ol' bowl of shareable brownie, it's all good. This brownie recipe made enough for me to share with my mom and sister, so the calories were spread throughout the family, just like I like it!

Seriously, this recipe took two minutes to make in a bowl and another two minutes to bake. It's amazing warm and perfect for those nom nom chill days in the dorm. Like many of my fellow college students, my dorm room (when on-campus) was heavily stocked with non-perishables for our movie nights and rainy days in.

If I had known of this recipe back then, rainy days would have been that much better. So let's get to it.

Step 1: Batter


5 Tbsp. Nutella

2 Tbsp. Flour

1 Lg. Egg

Optional: Sprinkles

Directions: Add flour, egg, and nutella to a microwaveable bowl. Combine by mixing with a fork. Top with sprinkles and microwave for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes.

Step 2: That's All Folks!

Make sure that it's cooked thoroughly by poking the center with a fork. Finish with more sprinkles and enjoy!

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