Introduction: 2016 Suzuki GSX-RR 1:8 Racing RC MotoGP Version 2

About: I am passionate about racing cars and racing technology. I build designs that hopefully shock and amaze the 3d printing world, in an attempt to push the limits

Version 2:

builds upon the knowledge that I gained from the previous bikes.

Completely redesigned from Version 1, Slimmer Body, Narrower chassis, Center of gravity has been moved back and towards the center of the bike, rear gyro, three piece front rim, and electronics are stored on chassis.

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Manual

Step 3: STL 3d Printed Parts

Step 4: Version 2 Overview

Step 5: Parts Legend and Color Codes

Step 6: Rims, Tires, and Gyroscope

Step 7: Assembly: Frame

Step 8: Assembly: Body Fairings

Assembly of the body is the same as Version 1

Step 9: Accessories: Roll Over Bars and Camera

Anti-Roll Posts, Anti-roll Bars and Polaroid Cube

Step 10: Go Riding

Add the roll over bars, Reverse the steering on the controller and go Ride it.

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