Introduction: 24v DC Motor to High Speed Universal Motor ( 30 Volts )

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In this project i am going to teach you how to convert a normal toy 24V DC Motor into a 30V Universal Motor.

Personally i believe that a video demonstration best describes a project. So guys i would recommend you to watch the video first.

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1. DC Motor 24V

2. Screwdriver and needle-nose plier

3. Drill bits and center punch

4. 2 Bolts (Magnetic type)

5. Thin copper wires (0.1 mm) 6m.

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Step 2: PROCEDURE : 1

So guys the first part is to test the DC Motor with a battery for which i am going to use my HOMEMADE BATTERY PACK (12V 40,000mah).

After checking the DC Motor open it up with the help of the tools provided in the requirements section.

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Step 3: PROCEDURE : 2

In this last step, you will have to remove the permanent magnets inside the DC Motor and drill 2 holes as shown in the pictures above. The holes should be exactly same as the metallic screws you have.

Tight up the screws as much as possible but make sure that they don't touch the rotor inside.

After that being done test if the rotor is freely moving. Now place back the Brush Case as shown in the 4th picture.

Now take the 0.1mm wire and give 100 turns on each screw. It should look exactly as in the 4th picture. With this being done connect the two electromagnetic screw bolts electrically together in series in such a way that they form opposite polarity.

Now take one of the two wires of the electromagnetic poles and connect it to any one of the two terminals of the DC Motor.

Now you will be finally left with one terminal of the DC Motor and one terminal on the electromagnetic pole.

Now simply give a 30V DC supply to it and it should run smoothly.

So guys that's all for today's instructable, see you in the next one.

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