Introduction: 3 Bight, 7 Lead Turks Head Lanyard/fob/luggage ID

The 3B, 7L TH is perfect to combine with other knots to make an attractive multi-use knot

Step 1:

First make the TH. Bring Working End (WE) from left to right around mandrel two times

Step 2:

Bring WE from right to left under, over . . .

Step 3:

and to front of mandrel.

Step 4:

Bring WE under, over . . .

Step 5:

. . .and to front of mandrel.

Step 6:

Bring WE over, under, under. over . . .

Step 7:

. . .and to front.

Step 8:

Bring WE over, under, under, over . . .

Step 9:

and last pass to complete the weave - under, over, under, over, under, over.

Step 10:

Tighten the knot. Take hemostat and pull a separate length of cord through the knot to give a loop at the top of the knot and four strands to tie together to finish the knot

Step 11:

I am giving here a synopsis of my instructable. . .That is why you see a contrasting color. Go to

. . .


. . .for a step by step description

First tie a counter clockwise crown knot. Each strand goes over the strand to its left..

Step 12:

Then tie as counterclockwise wall knot. Each strand goes under the strand to its left.

Step 13:

The wall knot strands will end up adjacent to a crown knot strand. Take any wall knot strand and bring it across the knot as shown, going under one crown knot strand.

Step 14:

Repeat with the other strands.

Step 15:

Put a hemostat through the center of the knot and pull the appropriate strand through the center of the knot as shown. Repeat with the other strands

Step 16:

I have written two other instructables that would also go well with this TH knot.You might want to try them