Introduction: 3 DIY Paint Tips and Tricks

This Instructable is a list of 3 tips and tricks which are very useful and can make you become a great artist! The painting I have put up here is a painting I made using only the techniques that you will learn in this instructable.


The supplies you need are-

  1. A paper
  2. A ruler
  3. A pencil
  4. Paint
  5. Painting tape

And you should be good to go

Step 1: Trick #1-

Making straight edges between two different colors is crucial if you want to make a geometric shape like my square on the photo. First, draw a line with a pencil (not a pen because you can't erase it and you will see it if you paint white over it.) but this line must be very light so it does not show up through the paint. You put some tape on one side of the line and paint the other side with one of your colors. WAIT FOR THE PAINT TO DRY! otherwise it will leak and the edges wont be as straight as they could be. Once the paint is dried, remove the tape making sure you don't ripe out some paper as it will mess your art evem more. Put some tape on the other side of the line (on the dried paint) and paint the other side with the next color you want to paint it. Wait for the paint to dry and then remove the tape. TADA!! You have a perfectly straight line ready to go.

Step 2: Trick #2-

For this trick, we will be using the same technique as before but instead of making two colors separated by a straight line, we will make a line using tape. That line can even be the seperator between two colors. I have used this technique to make the sides of the cube, because they were very thin and needed to be very straight. You first draw out the line and how thick you want it to be and then add some tape so the edge of the tape touches line outside. Then paint the inside of the rectangle you have outlined with tape with a strong color such as grey, black, dark blue. When the paint is dried, you can remove carefully the tape and the result will be pretty cool.

Step 3: Trick #3-

This trick has a french name that I kinda like. It is called "dégradé" in french and means from a strong color to a soft color passing by all the possible nuances between those two colors. For mine, I took black for the strong color and white for the soft color. I put a dot of black paint on one side of the paper and started doing up and down movements to the right until the paint has faded of. Don't add more paint when you see that it is getting weaker! It is made on purpose. Also one important fact to notice is to make sure you start with the strong color and that it hasn't dried when you add the soft color. Now, put a dot of white on the right side of the paper and start up and down movements to the left making sure the white gets mixed to the black forming a grey getting darker and darker as you get closer to the black. When you get to the black, remove your brush and finalise your dégradé. This is the technique I have used to make the background of the painting I showed you at the beginning.

Step 4: THE END!!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and if you do, I am in the paint challenge so be sure to check it out and maybe vote for me! Thank you!

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