Introduction: 3 Different Kinds of Bows

This tutorial is to show how to make three bows that are made with three different kinds of materials and are different skill levels.


  1. Ribbon
  2. Wire (or thread)
  3. Glue (hot, crafting, or fabric)
  4. Paper (various colors)
  5. Scissors
  6. Felt/printed fabric
  7. Needle
  8. Thread

Step 1: Ribbon Bow

  • Lay the length of ribbon out flat.
  • Take the left side of the ribbon and fold it diagonally across the rest of the ribbon. This is the beginning of your left side loop.

Step 2: Ribbon Bow

  • Fold the right side of the ribbon diagonally so that it overlaps the longer side that you folded from the left.
  • You have created the start of a loop on both sides.

Step 3: Ribbon Bow

  • Take the longer side of the ribbon and fold it diagonally behind the ribbon you have already folded, so that you create a loop that is right under the already existing loop.
  • Make sure that your loops are evenly sized.
  • Make sure the rest of the ribbon is extended past the loop on the left.

Step 4: Ribbon Bow

  • Take the length on the left side and fold it diagonally behind the loop you already made.
  • This is your second loop on the left side.
  • Make sure this loop is evenly sized with the one below it.

Step 5: Ribbon Bow

  • Pick up your work in progress being careful not to lose any of your folds.
  • Take a piece of wire or a thread and start wrapping it around the center of your folds. Gather all of the folds tightly together as you wrap the wire.
  • Twist the ends of the wire or tie off your thread.
  • This completes the loops that you have made.

Step 6: Ribbon Bow

  • Now trim the ends of the ribbon so that each side is more even.
  • You or a parent can either burn the ends of the ribbon or glue them so that they don't fray.
  • Then you can wrap a bit of ribbon around the center of your bow to cover the wire/thread and make it look prettier.

Step 7: Step 1: Paper Bow

  • Trace out the templates onto the paper that you want to use for your bow.
  • You will need one of each piece.
  • After tracing cut out the shapes.

Step 8: Step 2: Paper Bow

  • Take the eyeglass shaped piece and glue the two flaps to the center of shape.
  • Only put glue on the tabs that stick out on the sides, and then hold them until they bond.

Step 9: Step 3: Paper Bow

  • Take the piece that you have already glued and glue the center to the other shape that you have.
  • Then wrap the rectangular piece up around the center of the bow and glue it on the back.
  • Now your bow is complete!

Step 10: Step 1: Fabric Bow

  • Take a piece of fabric, I used felt because it doesn't fray, and draw out a rectangle that is twice the size of the bow that you want.
  • Then cut out the rectangle.

Step 11: Step 2: Fabric Bow

  • Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and then sew the edge of it.
  • After you have sewn the edge flip it inside out, so that your seam is on the inside.
  • (If you are using printed fabric you would have to fold the printed sides together and then sew it, so that when you flip it you can see the print.)

Step 12: Step 3: Fabric Bow

  • Take a needle and thread and sew a line down the center of your rectangle, wide spacing is better than tight.
  • Don't knot the end of your string yet.

Step 13: Step 4: Fabric Bow

  • Grab the needle and pull the thread so that your fabric bunches up at the center.
  • When the fabric is as tight as you can make it, or want it, start wrapping the extra thread around the center gather.
  • Wrap it enough that the fabric will stay gathered and then tie off the ends of your thread.

Step 14: Step 5: Fabric Bow

  • Cut a small rectangle of fabric, make sure it isn't too thick.
  • Then wrap that fabric around the center of your bow and then use hot/fabric glue (or sew it in) to hold it in place.
  • Your bows are done!

You could glue any of these bows onto a headband or hairclip and wear them around. Or you could take a length of ribbon and attach the bow to it to make a bow tie.